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Deliveroo Smoke BBQ Review

Review of Smoke Barbecue via Deliveroo Sheffield.

Premium food delivery service Deliveroo recently went live in Sheffield, allowing customers to order from top quality restaurants with a small flat delivery fee of £2.50. The average order takes 32 minutes to be delivered and so far covers the city centre, Ecclesall Road and Broomhill areas. Craft & Dough, Lucky Fox, Twisted Burger, Sakushi and Graze Inn along with many others have all signed up, and you can order online or via their app. The Exposed office decided to opt for Smoke Barbecue after much deliberation over the plethora of choices available and eagerly awaited our order.

The Food
We decided to get four pit plates between us consisting of pulled pork, barbecue chicken and house hot link sausage which all came with twice cooked chips. We also threw in a side of mac ‘n’ cheese and crispy onion strings, all of this arrived in cardboard containers which were greeted with open arms before the carnage began.

With Smoke Barbecue being Sheffield’s first authentic American style smoke house, we had high expectations and they did not disappoint. All the meat is spiced, rubbed and smoked slowly using oak and hickory for hours, then finished on an oak fire open pit; it was well cooked and had a respectable amount of lovely smoky flavour coming from it. The sausages had a subtle spiciness to them and the chicken with golden brown skin was pleasantly juicy. They were also generous with their portions which is always good with an office full of hungry people on a Friday afternoon.

The accompaniments went down an absolute treat with the meal; mac ‘n’ cheese is always a winner as it complements barbecue food ridiculously well; the sauce was wonderfully goopy and the cheese was delightfully stringy. The crispy onion strings were a little on the greasy side but the batter was crispy as expected, the jalapeno corn bread muffin was an interesting addition with just the right amount of zing. We also ordered a tub of pickled ‘slaw in attempt to bring a smidgen of healthy to the feast, it was remarkably fresh and crunchy, cutting through all the carbs superbly.

The Verdict
Overall, Smoke Barbecue is the ideal place to get your meat sweat on (unless you’re a veggie), however if you are if you are a vegetarian, never fret – you are not being neglected, they also do a fine sweet potato and corn burger or you could go for the house bean and smoked chipotle chilli. And what better place to experience this than in the comfort of your  own home (or office) by ordering it from Deliveroo – this way you can be as barbaric as you want when chowing down without being judged.

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