Back on Track at The Sheffield Tap: Looking forward to the return of the city’s hoppy gateway

The Sheffield Tap has become one of the most popular pubs in the city since it opened ten years ago. You can stop in after work with colleagues, for a pre-match pint on a Saturday or simply to enjoy drinks with friends amidst Edwardian splendour.

Sheffield’s restored Grade II listed railway buildings opened in 2009 as a world beer freehouse. It sits between Sheaf Street and Platform 1b at the train station, housed within the former Edwardian refreshment room and dining rooms. The interior is divided into two areas: the main bar, which was originally a drinking space for ‘commoners’, and a grand dining room for first class passengers. They’re divided by a broad hallway that was originally open to the outside platform, but now form smaller, more intimate spaces.

The pub is famed for its busy, welcoming atmosphere and impressive Edwardian era interior.

The resplendent interior of the whole bar creates an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable, whether you are with a group of friends out for a big night or simply enjoying a coffee while waiting for a train. The restored former first class dining room features a working microbrewery, The Tapped Brew Co. It usually brews between two and three times a week, and if you like beer then you’ll love the aroma of malt and hops wafting through the bar!

The Tap (as it is affectionately referred to) was one of the first bars in Sheffield to showcase beers from around the world and the UK. Thornbridge Brewery has supported the venture from the start, so their locomotive nameplate is mounted in the entrance and you’ll always find Jaipur on cask and extremely fresh! The team pride themselves on quality, evidenced by the Cask Mark accreditation and multiple national drinks awards including several from CAMRA. In 2020, Sheffield Tap was named the CAMRA City Centre Pub of the Year.

Resident microbrewery The Tapped Brew Co. usually brew between two and three times a week, resulting in a delightful hoppy aroma floating throughout the venue.

The dining room and brewery can be booked out for private events, and The Tap has hosted many wedding receptions, parties and corporate functions with facilities such as a projector, drinks and catering options. The bar itself is so popular that a complaint often heard there is that when people come to Sheffield, they don’t go any further than the Sheffield Tap: the plan is to go out and visit lots of bars in town, but then they get here and don’t leave! As a result, the pub has picked up the nickname the ‘Sheffield Trap’. In fact, many a train has been missed due to punters getting a bit too settled in its cosy confines, so make sure to keep an eye on the clock if you’ve got a journey to make.

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