Approved Food Makes Top 10

A Survey of 10,000 online shoppers saw astonishing success for Sheffield-based online retailer Approved Food, as the brand achieved a spot in the top 10 of the UK’s best food and grocery sites alongside big names in the biz including Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Ocado.

The survey, undertaken by Verdict, looked at the increasing interest in clearance food websites as shoppers become more concerned with lowering food waste while finding a bargain, and reported that over 40% of online shoppers are willing to buy groceries from clearance websites.

Approved Food specialise in selling surplus stock nearing best-before dates, helping to reduce waste from its competitors and providing customers with fantastic value goods that are still in their use-by dates.


Founder Dan Cluderay said: “Top 10, I’m in dreamland! Seven years ago I wasn’t even in the top 10 retailers on Doncaster market selling food and drink and now to be placed alongside the biggest players in UK retailing is absolutely unbelievable!

“We’ve saved over 32 million items from landfill since we began and this creative approach means we can be competitively priced and environmentally focused at the same time.”

The company’s competitive pricing has not gone unnoticed as a new wave of cash savvy students head off to university this academic year, as Approved Food have revealed the shopping patterns of their student clientele, noting that they’re filling their baskets with a range of sauces, spices and key components for dishes from across the world, suiting a more cosmopolitan palette.


With a whopping quarter of a million customers across the UK already under their belt, Approved Food are keen to get more students on the books. Cluderay continued, “There are a record number of students off to university this year, with over 400,000 taking places across the UK.

“Heading off to a new city and setting up home alone doesn’t come cheap – but whatever the choices our discounted stock offers a low-cost alternative to supermarket shops for students and parents alike.”

To check out Approved Food’s alternative online shopping experience visit their website here.

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