A Safe Bet: Beer Tasting Dinner @ Napoleons

Standing firm after 40 years, as countless neighbours on the road have come and gone, Napoleons has become as synonymous with Ecclesall Road as Sheffield has with students, steel & snooker. The popular venue launched their first ever ‘Beer Tasting Dinner’ and cordially invited Exposed Magazine along for the experience.

This inaugural event offered a gourmet four-course meal, alongside a bespoke selection of craft ales, specially chosen to complement each course on offer. On arrival we were courteously greeted by staff and shown to our booth, immediately setting the tone for a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Before the dining began we were treated to a humorous introduction by self-confessed alcohol enthusiast Martin Shillitoe, providing an entertaining journey through the history of beers, wines and craft ales. The real business began when the first course arrived. Alongside a crisp, refreshing Cornish Pilsner, we were presented with a beautifully presented dish containing Melba toast, topped with a frustratingly moreish mackerel pate and horseradish yoghurt. I could criticise the portion size as I devoured my plate within minutes; however I believe that was down to the divine taste rather than the diminutive dish.

Moving on to course two, my expectations had heightened and I was not left disappointed as the Indian Spiced Sweet Potato was bursting with flavour. It was served with a smoky Bohemian beer, which gave the course a nice autumnal flavour. Next up was a generous serving of roast chicken breast, sage infused carrot purée, potato & parsnip galette topped with red wine jus. The savoury dish was delicious and matched well with the light summer ale. With such an ample serving size, the only concern was if we would have enough room for our dessert! These concerns were eliminated as soon as the dessert was brought to our table. Chocolate brownies with a cardamom scent, topped with two scoops of luscious mint chocolate chip ice-cream. If we weren’t full before, we definitely were now. A very satisfying four-courses, alongside some great beers and even better hosting. It was an entertaining evening and an event I am sure will be held again. We still had the mater of our free £5 bet and went to see if good luck follows a good meal. Sadly not.

Words: Tyrone Scott

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