A Peek Inside Factory Floor Bar

From the team behind Peddler Market comes Factory Floor, a new bar occupying a former spring factory in Neepsend.

The venue, scheduled to open on Friday 4th September, is described as the first bar in the UK which brings together drip infusion, tank beer and cutting-edge acoustics.

Unsure what exactly is meant by “drip infusion”? Thankfully a press release issued by the venue today elaborated:

“Looking up at the bar, your gaze is met by an unfamiliar system of apparatus. Reminiscent of a laboratory, this equipment is responsible for the unique process creating our trademark drips. Atop the vast structure crawling its way up the wall, you’ll find an array of spirits, each the base for one of Factory Floor’s unique drips.”

“The process begins with the liquor being poured into the hopper where it slowly drips into the waiting substrate below. This substrate – a mixture of exotic fruits, herbs and spices – is gently infused with the spirit dripping from above, slowly percolating, extracting every subtle nuance and flavour with every rhythmic drip. After several hours, the perfectly balanced infusion accumulates in the bottom beaker where it lies, ready to be consumed straight or mixed with a perfectly paired house-crafted mixer.”

“The final phase of the process is the garnish. We enlisted the services of Leaf & Shoot, Sheffield’s leading Bioponics lab, to create a bespoke vertical microgreen system where herbs such as fennel, coriander and red basil will grow, ready to add the final flare to your drink.”

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Photography: Jordan Carroll
Photography: Jordan Carroll
Photography: Jordan Carroll
Photography: Jordan Carroll
Photography: Jordan Carroll
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The beer on offer will be brewed on-site by Neepsend Brew Co and pumped directly into chilled tanks on each side of the bar, while the acoustics will be provided by Danley Audio sound – “groundbreaking technology created by one of the most innovative loudspeaker designers in the industry” – and perched on a suspended deck above the entrance.

Inside the bar is said to pay homage back to its industrial roots as a workshop with an terrazzo concrete bar, plus lighting “reminiscent of the once gas-lit street lights of Neepsend and the sparks made in the factory it was before.”

For further updates head the Factory Floor Bar website

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