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7 Facts about Marco Pierre White

To celebrate the launch of the new menu at Marco’s New York Italian in Sheffield, we were joined by none other than the man himself. Here is what we found out about him..

  • He looks for the whole package when dining out, not just the food.
    “The most important aspect of any restaurant is the environment you sit in, if you don’t feel comfortable, you don’t relax and you can’t be yourself. The second, is service with a smile. Thirdly, the food.”
  • He craves the ordinary.
    “Sometimes I want something as simple as a ham sandwich with English mustard and a cup of tea. I’m quite simple.”
  • He loves salad cream. Don’t worry, he is also a fan of good ol’ Hendo’s.
    “Best sauce in a bottle.”
  • He is all about championing local produce.
    “You have to use local whenever possible. I love York ham – delicious. And I never send a girl red roses, only white.”
  • He sees Yorkshire as one.
    “Even though I’m in Sheffield, I feel like I’m coming home. Yorkshire is my home.”
  • His love affair for food started when he started working under the then bosses of The Box Tree in Leeds.
    “Rather than rushing into a job, think about where you want to go. Put your career in the hands of the right person.”
  • He’s very good at hiding mistakes…
    “When we make a mistake, you teach yourself to hide them, chefs are very good at this – we’re geniuses.”

For those of you who are unaware of Marco’s New York Italian, it’s a family-friendly restaurant in the heart of Sheffield, serving dishes inspired by his Italian heritage and love for American food. Here are a few bits from the new menu.

with mustard dip

cherry tomato and garlic, crushed avocado and wild mushrooms with vintage balsamico

pasta sheets layered with woodland mushrooms, sauce Pomodoro and béchamel sauce.

Served on a bed of fries with American slaw

Head to their website to see more!

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