The ultimate festival style guide for men

There is an art to dressing well for a festival, whether you’re attending a festival here in the UK or overseas. Festival style has received somewhat of a bad rep over the years, with attendees often arriving in clothing they would never normally wear. For men and women alike, festival style has become gaudy and unfashionable. It’s time to stop!

Just because you’re spending the weekend in a field, doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your sense of style. Here are some top tips for men’s festival style that you can adopt this summer.

Remember your personal style

When it comes to shopping for festival-friendly clothes, don’t forego your personal style just to find something that suits the occasion. If you often find yourself in smart attire, find a festival-appropriate shirt to wear. Think short sleeves with a subtle pattern, or a shirt made from linen to keep yourself cool in the crowd.

Layering is key at a festival, especially as the occasion goes from day to night, so even if you find yourself caught short in your lightweight shirt, a bomber jacket should finish the look off perfectly.

Keep your personal style in mind when finding festival clothing; if you never wear a particular item in your everyday life, don’t wear it to a festival! You will likely just feel uncomfortable and you might even look back and say, ‘what was I thinking?’. Stick to what you know and you’re already on to a winner.

Bring some fun to your outfit

Style is a serious game, but when it comes to festival season it does give you some room for fun. Show your personality through your accessories, whether it’s a neon bum bag for your valuables, statement sunglasses or a logo-adorned hat.

Alternatively, look for stylish printed styles such as t-shirts or shirts that add colour to your outfit effortlessly. Just maybe steer clear of stereotypical Hawaiian prints and keep an eye out for something a little more unique!

To wear denim, or not to wear denim

Denim can present a bit of a dilemma when it comes to festival style; if it gets wet, it’s heavy, which is a very possible occurrence at a British festival. However, jeans for men are a wardrobe staple and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be packed in your weekend bag.

Opt for a more summery design, such as ripped or distressed jeans and look for a vintage wash to give that authentic appearance. Likewise, if the weather is looking promising, a denim jacket is the perfect addition to any outfit; even more so with a few ripped patches and metal hardware.

Keep an eye on the trends

Any style-conscious male will know what trends are everywhere on the high street, and what trends are being gradually left behind and deemed uncool. Keep that in mind when choosing your festival styles if you’re hoping to make a fashion statement at your chosen festival.

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