Womens Jeans: Which Styles are Best for Which Body Type?

Jeans come in all styles and designs, with some more suited to certain body types than others. The original straight leg jean is one of the most iconic and popular around the world, but over the years, especially during the last two decades, there have been a number of new styles that have been produced for the general public.

When the first pair of jeans was made by Levi Strauss back in the 1850s, they were for the gold prospectors taking part in the famous gold rush of that decade. The jeans Strauss made were very strong and durable, due to the hard physical work the prospectors were doing each day. They were created for practical reasons, rather than for appearance, and they had very large pockets, which were where the prospectors could store any gold that they found.

The first pair of jeans for women were also created by Levi Strauss Co in 1934, and featured a high waist, which was the fashion at the time. They were made with pre-shrunk denim, which was a concept that Levi began to market in the early 1960s.

The classification of female body shapes

In order to work out which type of jeans are best for you, you need to know your body shape. Everyone, men and women, are all unique in the shape, size and form of their bodies.

For women, there are five main categories of body shape, and you need to decide which one you fit into.

Pear shape

This is where the lower region of the body, the hips and stomach area, is large, and the silhouette of the body resembles a pear. Most women in this category will have small to medium sized breasts, with the waist being the slimmest part of the body.

This is the most common body shape for women throughout the world, so if you fit into this category, you are among millions of others. The main thing to look at is to highlight the waist area, which is usually small. The extra weight that you might be carrying around the hips can be made less visible, simply by focusing more on the waist, and drawing the attention here.

For this shape, the best jeans would be ones that will sit just below the waist, such as a mid-rise jean. Other popular styles include tapered jeans and loose fitting styles, which will give you a little extra room in the bottom and thigh region.

You’ll want to avoid jeans with small pockets at the back, as this can create the illusion of a very large behind. Jeans without any front pockets, or at least very little detail on them, as the aim is to showcase the petite waist area.

Banana shape

The banana silhouette is where the body is relatively straight without too many curves. There is no real distinction between the waist, hips and bust.

You’ll want to try a style of jeans that is going to add a little more roundness to your hip area. The best option would be a pair that will sit either high on your waist, or low on the tips. High waist jeans will be a great option here. The aim is to avoid having jeans that will fit perfectly on the hips, as this is going to make them appear square, and what we want to achieve here is a more womanly shape.  You could also try out a pair of push up jeans and see if they can help you achieve a more shapely backside.

Avoid styles of baggy or loose fitting jeans, as they won’t compliment you at all. Flares should also be avoided, as they will simply look too wide at the bottom, with the rest of the figure being relatively the same width.

Strawberry shape

This body shape is where the female has medium to large sized breasts, with the widest part of the body being the shoulders and upper area. The silhouette shape starts to get narrower as it goes down.

If you find yourself in this group, then it’s good news, as almost any style of jean will look great on you. The upper body is where you are going to be carrying the most weight.

You can try different styles of jeans and see which you prefer the best such as skinny jeans, straight or even bootcut. You can wear an outfit that can highlight the shape of your breasts, though try and avoid any patterns or designs with horizontal stripes, as these will have the tendency to make you look broader than you really are.

Apple shape

An apple shaped body is one where the female has medium to large sized breasts, and slim legs and a flat backside. The upper part of the body is in proportion with the lower.

The type of jeans you’ll want to look for if you are in the apple shape group are some that can elongate your figure. We want to take the eye away from the midsection of your body, where most of the weight will be, and create an image of curves to showcase the waist area. Jeans that have an elastic waist will be a good option, as will mid-rise jeans.

You should certainly avoid high-waist jeans as these will only serve to highlight your larger stomach area. And unless you want to go for the muffin top look, also steer clear from low-rise jeans, as they won’t do you any favours either.

Hourglass shape

This is the dream of many women, to have a full bust, rounded hips and a small waist. The silhouette is where the body is in proportion with the hips and shoulders being roughly the same width.

What you need to do if you are this shape, in addition to thanking your lucky stars, is to find a jean and outfit combination that is going to fit well all over. Your round bottom and thighs will want highlighting, as will the large breasts so you’ll need a fit that isn’t too loose or tight.

Bootcut jeans are a great option, as are skinny jeans, though you’ll want to check first if they do anything to give you a little pot belly look if you do happen to carry a little additional weight. Baggy clothing, both for your top and legs, should be avoided, as this sometimes has the effect of making people look larger than they actually are. If you have an hourglass figure, you’ll want to show it off, not hide it.

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