Will House Extensions Be Trendy In 2021?

So, is your house nearly full of the wide variety of toys your 12-year-old has accumulated? He will soon be an adolescent, which should entitle him to a more significant amount of privacy. Maybe you are expecting a second child pretty soon? If one of these is your condition, then it is only natural that you are thinking of moving to a new house, or sometimes, adding an extension to your home.

There are likely to be a large number of factors that will eventually decide your choice. You should note that house extensions are becoming popular by the day. Fueled by the COVID-19 crisis, many households opt to augment their homes with increased housing capacity and relaxation options that add to the property value. The remodeling and construction platform Houzz saw the demand for home extensions and additions jump by 52% this year.

House extensions give the homeowner many advantages, including not separating your child from their current school and social setting. The child also needs not adjust to a new locality and keep all his friends and acquaintances. You also get the advantages of the installation of new roofing. The stats indeed have it that house extensions are all set to be the latest trend in the housing industry. It is, however, a change that is fueled by the benefits that it offers.

This article is meant to make you more aware of just why more and more people opt for home extensions than buying new larger homes. It not only predicts the trend but also analyses why it is happening.

In-The-End House Extensions Are More Economical

Many British homeowners forget that they have the option of adding to their existing house through an extension structure open to them. Lack of awareness about extensions has strengthened the belief that extensions are bereft of any real benefits and aren’t economical. Many such UK homeowners further apprehend that the investment they make on their home will not be worth it. They think it will not translate into enhancing the home’s value.

However, that is far from the fact. They are adding extensions not only to boost the value of your home but also to spare you from expensive relocation costs. You can consult the most recent prices at for your home in the United Kingdom so you can arrive at an estimate of the costs associated with an extension construction. Aside from knowing the estimated involved costs, you should also know the time it will take for the construction process, and so on.

By opting to stay at your current residence location and increasing the floor plan size of your present residence, you and your family stand to benefit from all viewpoints.

The Process Is Not Difficult At All

Most house owners are not exactly aware of the process they need to follow to extend their houses. They feel overwhelmed by the very idea and try to avoid it as a result. But the process is easier than you imagine.

You need to start by consulting a professional home designer or roofing contractor. Ensure that the home expert you consult regarding your home extension has expertise in windows, sidings, and roof covers. Once you have picked a few experts, choose one, and schedule an appointment.

During the appointment, you need to communicate your ideas effectively. If you have picked the right consultant, they will have in-depth knowledge of the topic. They should be able to fashion your raw ideas into something you can build. Not only that, but the concerned person will also be able to chart out a plan for you to follow.

Why You Want To Opt For An Extension Of Your House Than Relocating

Discussing is one great way to get around problems. You should first discuss the benefits of adding an extension to your house with a person you consult. You will realize that its associated costs are comparatively less than buying a new home.

Some of the things you need to know before finally deciding that it is an extension that you want are:

●    Regulations And Permissions

The first thing you need before going ahead with any construction work on your building extension is a permit. This holds more relevance for you if you intend to add additional space to an existing home structure. Usually, such construction work necessitates obtaining valid licenses from local authorities.

A permit is just one of the few legal frameworks you need to stick to while building your house extension. Generally, you also need to follow and abide by several building regulations. Building authorities will check your extension plan for these rules, which have recently been made permanent in the UK. It is legally necessary to get your project approved by the relevant authority before you can start actual construction work. So, the person who develops the plan needs to be aware of local laws and regulations.

●    Cooperate With Neighbors While Constructing Your Extension

One of the essential things you must not do while constructing your house extension is to disrupt your neighbors’ day-to-day lives. Things like blocking their driveway or erecting structures that affect their view are a strict no-no. To best ensure that peace and cordial relations with neighbors are maintained, you should preferably consult with them before starting your actual extension construction work. This will ensure that issues don’t crop up later on while maintaining cordial and civil relations. Sometimes though, it is rare, but you both might want some construction, where you can share the costs. This is especially relevant if we are talking about putting up a wall around the property.

●    Hire Reputed House Extension Building Contractors Only

Hiring an expert contractor to carry out the house extension work is most convenient. To achieve the best possible result, you will need a wide variety of tradespeople like roofers, plumbers, builders, and gas fitters. It will be impossible for you to coordinate and supervise their activities properly. You need to entrust the task to someone with expertise and experience in the same. Such knowledge and expertise will serve to make sure that the construction is of superior standards.

House extensions are indeed trending as per figures, and the trend is all set to grow. But when you invest a significant sum of money in something, usually trends are not your sole criteria. You will be better off by making a proper assessment of your needs and then figure out the best solution for you. Usually, if affordability and neighborhood status quo figure high on your list, a new home might not always be the best idea.

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