Why is my internet so slow all of a sudden?

There can be various reasons that can occur due to which you face slow internet speeds. It becomes very daunting when you are taking online classes or you are in the middle of your work or meeting and suddenly the connection of your Wi-Fi becomes so slow that you are unable to perform your task well. Are you facing the issue of slow internet speed and you do not understand why is this happening? Well, we are mentioning various reasons and hacks that you can try when you face any internet speed issue.

You should know the internet speed that you have so you will have an idea if you have attached more devices than the number of compatible devices with your internet Wi-Fi connection. You can check the internet speed from your bill or you can also check it in your email address, usually, the internet providers do send an e-bill as well.

There are a few steps that you can take when you face slow internet speed.

Approach the customer service department:

Sometimes the slow internet speed can occur due to some issues at the back end. Good customer service like Spectrum customer service that has improved greatly over last year is the kind of customer service you need when you face such issues as internet speed lag. On normal days the best way is to visit any nearby local store but, due to the global pandemic crises of COVID19, all the local stores are not operational. What you can do when the stores are closed is that you can call on the toll-free customer service phone number of your internet service provider. As local stores are closed, almost all the internet service providers in the United States are providing customer service over the phone and online 24/7 so you may report at any point. You need to approach the customer service department and ask the representative about the issue that you are facing and they will note it and resolve the issue if it is occurring due to their side.

Reboot your Wi-Fi modem and router:

It sounds very simple and straight but this hack always helps to regain internet speed. Since the Wi-Fi router is an electronic device, it can heat up due to which there can be a problem with your Wi-Fi signals. Once you reboot your modem and router you will see that the green light on your modem and router will start blinking again and the speed will improve. It will refresh your devices and they will start working fine, you may say that it works as an energy booster.

Place your modem and router nearby:

When you install your internet and modem or router, make sure that it is not where you will not be using your internet. If you place your router around one corner of the house and you will use it around another corner, you will not get strong signal strength of internet Wi-Fi. Place your router in a place from where it is easily accessible and it near the place where you will be using your internet. If you cannot change the place of your Wi-Fi router you can simply sit closer to it.

Get a Wi-Fi extender:

You can simply buy a Wi-Fi extender and use it to get more signals all-around your home. A Wi-Fi extender is used to extend the reach of your internet signals. If you want to get internet signals all-around your home, you can invest in a good Wi-Fi extender and easily buy one from Amazon online.

Remove the devices that consume more data:

When you connect your mobile phones with your Wi-Fi internet you usually don’t turn off the Apps in the background. Well, you might think that when you are not using the App it is ok if it is open in the background, the reality is that it consumes your Wi-Fi internet signals and it can affect the internet speed. When you are not using any App you can turn it off and the good practice is to turn off the mobile Wi-Fi when you are not using it.

Get your equipment:

When you face internet speed issues frequently there can be a problem with your modem or router that your internet service provider has installed. You can check a high-speed Wi-Fi router online by Asus or TP-Link. Once you have a good modem and a Wi-Fi router, you will not face any slow internet speed. The good thing is that you will also be able to cut down the monthly rental fee of equipment and save some bucks on top.

Final Words,

If you become a smart internet user, you will not face any slow internet speed issues. Just try to have a look around the activities that can affect the internet speed and avoid such practices as attaching more devices than the speed limit as it will make your internetwork slower. Choose a speed that is according to your usage.

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