Why are so many people switching to vaping?

More people than ever before are switching to vaping. It’s now incredibly common to see large plumes of pleasantly scented vapour as you’re out and about But why are so many people switching to vaping? What started as just a phase and a trend, has now become commonplace and has worked its way into our everyday lives.

You’ll find quality e liquids at reputable online retailers. Vape and e-cig stores also pepper the high street with the growing demand – you’ll find vapers in bars and pubs and it’s not unheard of to see your colleagues charging their e-cigs at work or in their car using a USB port. So, what’s the attraction? Here we’ll examine why so many people are switching to vaping.

It’s cheaper

For most, it’s the cost that defines their habits. And despite the initial cost, vaping does work out cheaper than traditional cigarettes. The cost of smokes is always increasing, so if there is a cheaper and potentially safer way to get a nicotine hit, it makes sense to choose the cheapest option.

To start vaping you’ll need to purchase a start-kit and then some additional pieces to get you going. Although how much you spend, the brand and the style is up to you. After that, you can spend as much as you like on your liquids. You may want to upgrade your kit later on or build a collection of various e-cig options. It’s flexible and cost-effective!

Your health

Vaping gets a lot of bad press. However, studies have shown that vaping is legitimately safer than traditional smoking. With cigarettes, it’s the toxic smoke that poses the biggest health risk, with your chances of developing lung cancer or heart disease significantly increased every time you light-up. With vaping, you get the nicotine hit but not the toxic smoke that comes with it, making vaping a much safer option.

It’s a great quitting aid

An increasing number of smokers make the switch to vaping because they’re trying to quit smoking for good. Vaping allows them to have their nicotine in controlled measures. All whilst avoiding the toxic smoke mentioned in the point above.

Vaping products contain certain levels of nicotine, something which users can decrease over time to slowly withdraw from nicotine completely. It puts quitters in complete control and as a result, much more likely to quit successfully.

And finally, you can say goodbye to stale smoke

One of the biggest bugbears of traditional smoking is the smell of stale smoke. It infiltrates soft fabrics, clothes, hair, hands and breath. Making smoking somewhat unpleasant and for those around you.

Switching to vaping means you no longer have to worry about the smell in your hair, the odour on your clothes or the smell in your home. Vaping comes in all kinds of flavours which means you can enjoy everything from apple crumble to bubblegum to zesty flavours and more. So, no more stale smoke!

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