Why and How to Recycle Your Old Mobile Phone?

We live in an era where mobile is one of the critical elements that defines the status-quo of a person.

The kind of phone one carries has a lot to do with how he is social stature, how is he perceived, and also plays a significant role in his self-esteem.

In such a scenario, the tendency to frequently change or upgrade mobile phones is so natural. This behaviour leads to a large number of phones that lie unnoticed at homes, offices, and after a certain time frame go the bin instead of recycling. This needs to change if we are really concerned about our natural habitat because such phones contribute hazardously.

You may also have a smartphone or perhaps an iPhone that you no longer use.

Don’t let it turn to waste and do the needful to recycle your iPhone 8.

It is alarming that the number of phones that need to be recycled is rising phenomenally. One of the key contributing reasons is the shortening product life-cycle of the phones.

An environmental study suggests why the number of recycled mobiles in the UK is so less:

  • Users are hesitant to dispose of their device due to data falling into the wrong hands. Though they know that factory reset option cleans everything, however, they are still apprehensive of it and prefer not to sell or give it to recycling.
  • If the screen is broken, the users won’t be able to do a factory reset. Hence, they would be afraid to slide it to the resale market.
  • Many people underestimate the resale value of their phone and so ignorantly don’t initiate to dispose of it.

How Can You Recycle Mobile Phones?

May be you are finished with your device, but the chances are it still holds a value that you are unaware of. From repairing to selling, there are many things that you can do for mobile phone recycling. Irrespective of whatever you choose to do, don’t show it the bin’s way. Depending on the model, age and condition of your phone, you can opt to recycle old mobile phones from the following options:

Sell Your Mobile Phone Online:

eBay and Facebook Marketplace are great ways to find an end customer. However, selling on these sites is a little complex than selling it to buyback companies or resellers. These sites lack guarantee,and sometimes there are stolen and faulty phones that find their way to these markets. The scepticism about functionality and legality effects the selling price. Additionally, there are listing fees that are added to the price,making you expect less than what you originally thought you would.

Sell it to Family & Friends:

This is the easiest and most hassle-free way of disposing your device to someone who will happily take it off. Whether you give it for free or for a price, it’s a win-win situation for both because no one will try to take undue advantage of each other. Needless but essential to mention that there are no commissions, insertion fees, or delivery costs, whatsoever.

Trade It:

Most new phone sellers have the option of trading your old mobile for the new. The proceeds from your old mobile phone act as credit for your next purchase. For example, Apple’s Store Gift Card allows its customers to barter your old iPhone for a new one.

Regardless of the condition of your device, the used phone market enables to move your device to its next stage of life-cycle before hitting its end-of-life, all whilst doing its bit to save the planet. On your next high-street trip, get into a mobile store to know about their recycling or trading-in options.

Sell It to a Mobile Recycling Company:

Selling to a phone recycling company is a fairly easy process and may be easier than all of the above. Though you may be offered lesser prices than what an end customer could offer, however, such companies offer free postage and also buy broken phones. It is hassle-free because they do not demand any warranty or documentation. And by doing this, you ensure that your mobile is going the right way and towards the landfills.

Recycle With Charity:

If you are someone who believes in giving back to society, donating your phone to a charity is perhaps the best way. Whether it’s working or not, charities accept your phone because they have a tie-up with the recycling companies who take it ahead.

For instance, Oxfam offers a program where the donated phones are recycled for cash to support school books, water tanks, and many other daily use things to support the underprivileged.

Putting your unused phone to charity helps to save the environment whilst giving you a feeling of fulfilment for doing your bit to support the community.

Next time when you have an unused phone, may we request you to do any of the above to act responsibly?

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