Christmas is a period of celebration, happiness and togetherness among family and friends and what better way to celebrate it than by gifting Christmas cards? Christmas cards are one of the few ways to express emotions and feelings to people around us, people beloved to us and even our friends. Each card writing has its unique style as each of them is associated with different people. What you write to your spouse is not the same as what you write to your best friends in Christmas cards. To get cards perfect for any occasion, visit Boomf.com to find cool and fun cards for your besties.

Speciality of Writing Christmas Cards for Friends

There are various ways of writing Christmas cards to a friend but these are special ways of writing them and what words to write to them. This is dependent on the kind of relationship you have with them

  • Funny and sarcastic messages: There are some specific friends that the kind of relationship you have allows humour to fly around. Christmas cards should therefore not be devoid of humour but even have the best humour that you know will be most suitable for your friend. “I told Santa that you have been good all year, he died laughing” is a perfect example of a funny yet sarcastic message. It has the perfect blend of fun, humour and sarcasm.
  • Deep and meaningful messages: They are written in Christmas cards to friends that are like mentors or a person you look up to. They represent the way you feel as it is an expressive form of writing. These Christmas cards are written to express the innermost joy of Christmas to the receiver. “May all that is beautiful, meaningful and brings you joy be yours this holiday season and throughout the coming year”. This is a perfect example of a meaningful message. It can be boring but this is dependent on the kind of relationship you have with the friend.

  • Appreciative message: They are wishes written in Christmas cards to show how much you are appreciative of their input and how you love being their friend. Messages written in Christmas cards are from the heart, a deep thoughtful message that speaks to appreciating the receiver. It can be romantic, sweet and caring. “Thank you for being my greatest supporter throughout this past year especially when I needed one the most. This coming year will bring your supporter to you so drink, relax and make merry because it is a Merry Christmas”. This is the perfect example of an appreciative message on Christmas cards.
  • Encouraging messages: Christmas cards with encouraging messages are perfect for friends who you know have been having a tough time in either their finances in particular or their lives in general. Encouraging Christmas cards are best used to uplift one’s spirit and show that they are not alone on this quest and at a time like this. Christmas cards like these are best accompanied by a gift that will uplift their spirit. An example of encouraging Christmas cards is, “you’ve had more than your share of challenges this year. Wishing you peace and hope at Christmas and a new year full of better days”.

Other Christmas cards have their theme to write. They can be a message to a long distant friend, a pen pal, a religious message to a religious friend and even a romantic message to a friend that you like. Whatever the choice is, is dependent on how you feel about that friend and how that friend feels about you

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