What to take on your Lake District adventure

It’ll come as no surprise to anyone that many people in the UK are opting for more and more holidays at home. Yes, the staycation is continuing to rise and rise, and why not? From epic history to sprawling countryside and beauty spots that are internationally recognised, the UK is filled with amazing places just waiting to be explored.

One place that’s seen a considerable increase in visitors is the Lake District. Named a UNESCO World Heritage site back in 2017, it was reported that Cumbria brought in £3bn thanks to tourism recently, which saw 47 million visitors, and an overall tourism increase of 3.7%.

The figures don’t lie, and if you’re thinking of staying in the UK this year, the Lake District should definitely be in your top five. But, while you may know what to pack for a week in Spain, what do you take to the Lake District? Let us help you out.

Clothing to take

Depending on the time and what you’re looking to do, your clothing could vary. Places such as Orvis stock men’s and women’s clothing ideal for the Lake District.

Some essentials you’ll need to include are walking shoes and a lightweight rain jacket, as you’ll no doubt be walking a lot. A hat is also handy for these long strolls, while quick-dry clothing will help to cool you down on those hotter days.

Meanwhile, don’t skimp on the nicer clothing in your wardrobe, as there are plenty of delightful restaurants and bars in the Lake District too.

Other essentials to take

Aside from clothing, there are plenty of other essentials you need to take with you – especially if you plan on exploring the area to the fullest.

Firstly, make sure you have the perfect backpack. Don’t get one that’s too big or too small, as you’ll need it for those long days of exploring, which will be ideal for carrying water, snacks and maybe a map. Just make sure to get one with comfy straps as you’ll spend hours walking around.

That’s not all, insect repellent is a must as you’ll be in the great outdoors a lot, while sun cream is needed too, as you don’t know what the UK weather will be like. Torches and emergency blankets are always helpful too, especially if you find yourself out and about in the late evening as it can get slightly chilly.


Just like any holiday, you’ll need emergency items – maybe a few more here, due to the amount of wilderness around you.

Trekking poles are helpful for those who may need help while walking, like children or elderly relatives. Meanwhile, hand sanitiser and wet wipes are helpful for keeping you clean, after all, you won’t find a tap on most of your hikes.

Finally, make sure you bring enough charging packs to keep your phone at full health, as you never know when you might need them.

 A fantastic place to visit, make sure your holiday is the best it can be if you opt for a staycation this year.

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