What to get for your friend that has it all for their birthday: 5 gift ideas

We all know someone like it. Someone that’s got absolutely everything already, so it’s near impossible to know what to buy them when their birthday rolls around each year. They’re forever going on shopping sprees making new clothes a big no-no, while their house is already decked out to the nines so looking for any interior presents is also off the cards.


And while there are many ways to show appreciation for your friends, there’s something about getting someone an actual gift for their birthday that’s second to none. That’s why we’ve come up with five birthday gift ideas for the person that already has it all.


  1. Subscription service


Go hard with a subscription service and have your friend celebrate their birthday for not just one, but 12 months of the year. From delicious coffee subscriptions to rich wine boxes, signing your mate up for a year to receive something new monthly is quite literally, a gift that keeps on giving.


  1. Experience days


Whether they have a passion for adrenaline-filled activities or have always told you how much they fancied walking a llama, treating your friend to an experience day will make them brand-new memories that will always trump the material goods already in their home. Better yet, purchasing an experience or activity for two people means you can also join in the fun…


  1. Personalised presents


They already have literally everything, but not this. Getting your pal a personalised present such as a photo album is a sure-fire way to ensure they don’t already have anything similar knocking about in the house. And just on the minuscule chance they already own an embossed keychain with both your initials on it, making your own DIY gift brings these chances down to zero.


  1. Chocolate

A simple idea, but always a good one. Have you ever got chocolate for your birthday and been disappointed? And birthday chocolate doesn’t have to be boring either. From melt-in-your-mouth luxury hampers to tantalizingly delicious boxes of chocolates, there are fewer best ways to wish someone a happy birthday than with a slab of dairy cream goodness.


  1. Photo gifts


Ended up going on an experience day wild foraging with your pal for their last birthday? Why not whack it on a gift for the one after. Canvas prints, personalised photo books, digital photo frames… bespoke photo presents help you cherish your memories together forever. Now that, they can’t get anywhere else!

While it can be daunting every time that friend’s birthday rolls around, don’t worry, there is still hope in finding them something they’ll love – and don’t already have five versions of hiding upstairs in the wardrobe…

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