What to do in case you are witness of a case of domestic violence

Domestic violence is seen as a crime and it is punished accordingly by the legislations of different countries. As a person who has witnessed different cases of domestic violence, there are several things you can do to help another person who was the victim of various types of domestic violence.

Domestic violence covers various types of abuse, which can refer to physical violence, sexual violence, emotional abuse, online abuse and other types of offences towards a person. In the United Kingdom, a person who is the witness of  a case of domestic violence or who know that a close family member, friend, neighbor or work colleague is mistreated at home, has the possibility of calling the police (at the phone number 999) or can address to local institutions that provide services for the victims of domestic violence, such as children, women or any other type of person who experienced a certain type of trauma that is considered domestic violence.

In the UK, persons who were the victims of domestic violence can benefit from emergency accommodation services in the situation in which they feel that they are not safe at home. Witnesses of harmful domestic events can contact the National Domestic Violence Helpline, where they can receive immediate assistance. Further on, such cases can be addressed to specialists in the field and defence solicitors are available to represent victims of domestic violence in a wide range of cases.

Depending on the jurisdiction, the laws on domestic violence prescribe different types of definitions and different ways to legally resolve this issue. For instance, UK provides an extensive legal framework which aims at assisting persons who are the victims of domestic violence. In other countries, such as the ones in the Middle East, the legislation is not very developed in this sense.

For example, persons who want to open a business in Dubai can find in this country a solid legal framework, created to increase the interest of both local and foreigners in investing here, but the country’s law on domestic violence still needs to be further elaborated. However, in Dubai, persons who have witnessed a case of domestic violence can address to organizations created for this purpose, such as the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children. The organization helps local victims, women and children and also persons that were involved human trafficking cases.

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