What is a Magnetic stirrer?-Types and Function

The laboratories are meant for chemical and biological use processes like stirring and agitation in various shapes and sizes. If the researchers or technicians have to ensure the consistency of results regardless of the process underperformance, then they ought to make use of only top-notch laboratory equipment. The agitation process needs to be done with close observance and the agitation options should be understood concerning the application. Agitation options include magnetic stirrers, overhead stirrers, and hot plates. A single mistake could lead to inaccurate results.

What exactly Are Magnetic stirrers?

A magnetic field that rotates is used in fluid samples for the purpose of moving the stir bar. Because of agitation along with the fast speed, the liquid samples get mixed up thoroughly. Sometimes few magnetic stirrers can be seen along with a stirring hot plate too. For no intervention with the magnetic field, the stirrers should be coupled together with beakers of either glass or non-metal material. As per the fluid sample being used, the speed can be altered by the user who is in control.

Their use is to mainly blend two sample components during chemical or biological experiments. It can even be used for solids or liquids to get a mixture that is consistent.

How does it function?

As per the working of the magnetic stirrer is concerned, inside a container, a stir bar magnet is kept. Under the container, another separate magnet is placed, usually attached to a motor. The purpose of this is for the lower one to get attracted to the stir bar magnet. On the off chance that the magnets are sufficiently close, the stir bar magnet spins inside the holder.  With the utilization of a hot plate stirrer, you can blend a wide assortment of liquid samples for various applications. As per the application, you can arrange your magnetic stirrer with hot plates to warm your fluid samples while the stirring process.

Types of Magnetic Stirrers:

  1. Air Operated Turbine Magnetic Stirrers:

These magnetic stirrers mix up to 1 liter of sample solution. An air supply of low pressure is used for its power. Sources that are electrical have a risk of sparking which is eliminated with this stirrer.

  1. Heavy-Duty Magnetic Stirrers:

With a high mixing capacity, these stirrers could be one of the best choices with results that are up to the mark. They are durable as well as chemical resistant.

  1. Magnetic Stirrer with Timer:

Such stirrers are helpful if you wish to shut off the motor on its own. These magnetic stirrers have a timer that is built-in and shuts itself after completion of the specified time.

  1. Battery Powered Magnetic Stirrer:

These magnetic stirrers work on batteries and can come in handy where the electric supply is low and fluctuates a lot. For stabilization purposes, rubber feet are made available.

  1. Magnetic Mini Stirrer:

These mini magnetic stirrers are used in laboratories and occupy less space as they are compact. The harmful chemicals present in the lab which even causes corrosion does not affect this stirrer. It has an electronic control allowing its speed to be controlled as per choice with accuracy.

Which to choose, Magnetic Stirrers or Overhead Stirrers?

Magnetic stirrers are important devices in laboratory equipment but Another type of stirrer known as overhead stirrer can be used for the purpose of mixing samples. Overhead stirrers are capable of handling liquid samples that are huge in volume or liquids that are highly viscous. They are powered by motors.

For the magnetic stirrers, the presence of hot plates, allow the samples to be evenly heated. The Magnetic stirrers could be a better choice for smaller samples as, during the process of mixing, the container is sealed so the liquid samples stay properly.


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