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What Have Been the Biggest Sleeper Hits in Gaming in 2022?

Mobile gaming produced a superb selection of mobile games, and it continues to create even more opportunities for mobile users to play any game from any genre on a pocket-size device. No one could have predicted the mobile gaming sector would develop at this pace, and yet it is also profitable. It accounts for over 50% of the gaming sector’s revenue.

That being said, even though there are many popular and undeniably high-quality mobile games, there are some which are considered sleeper hits that didn’t get enough attention when they initially launched on the market, but they eventually managed to attract a great audience of mobile users. Here we will look at some of the best sleeper hits in 2022 from different categories.

Mobile Casino Games

The entire iGaming industry as a whole achieved unparallel success on a global scale and attracted a huge audience of casino players in the last couple of years. We must mention the rise of different slot games in online casinos since you will have an opportunity to choose from a huge array of slots based on different themes.

The range of games continues to rise since there is an increased demand for iGaming, and there are mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized casino sites as well as applications that you can download on your Android or Apple device.

Some of the more successful games are also live casino games which are suitable for mobile gaming, but they do have some technical requirements. When you play live casino games where you get to play casino games with a human dealer in real time and get to choose from a well-stocked selection table, and card games streamed to your device.

Mech Arena

Mech Arena was developed by the same game studio which developed Shadow Legends, so you should at least know what to expect. The game has wonderful visuals, exciting gameplay, and multiple high-quality features. It delivers a high-quality gaming experience with action-packed scenes. However, the premise is quite simple; you are fighting in the arena with other players that have control of other Mech suits.

You have total power over your Mech suit, and you can customize it based on your preferences. Also, it’s not a very difficult game to get into. There are quite a few options for customization, and you can participate in different battles with various combat styles. When it comes to the background, there are different sceneries that range from desserts to small Japanese towns and other planets, so it’s really an enjoyable action-packed mobile game.

Mafia City

A lot of people are probably aware of the video game that shifted substantial success and its subsequent sequels. But this is a version specifically created for mobile devices. It combines strategy with the familiar storyline of eventually becoming the Godfather. Mafia City uses these challenges associated with that role, you need to learn how to move up the ranks, claim neighbouring turfs, and eventually run the city.


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