What Different Types of Soju Are Available

There is a good chance that if you know anyone from Korea or if you have been to a Korean restaurant you have heard about soju. You might be wondering exactly what soju is. Soju comes from Korea and is an alcohol that is colorless and clear. Many people state that it reminds them of vodka. However, it is much sweeter and smoother than vodka, which is one of the reasons that many people enjoy this great beverage.

Soju is the most popular alcoholic drink in Korea. It is found almost everywhere and is something that you simply must try. While the original soju is amazing, there are also many different types and flavors of this tasty beverage available which you can view here https://www.ishopchangi.com/en/category/wine-and-spirits/wine-and-spirits-spirits/spirits-soju. The fruit flavors are fantastic and really taste like an alcoholic juice. Be careful when you are drinking these because they have a pretty high alcohol content and you will start to feel the effects rather quickly.

Here are some of the great tasting types of soju that you can find in your local Korean market and at many liquor stores throughout Singapore.


If you enjoy the taste of pomegranate, this is a wonderful flavor of soju to enjoy. While it does have kind of a syrupy taste and is not as sweet as some of the other flavors of soju that are available. Fans of pomegranate should definitely give this soju flavor a try as they will likely truly enjoy it.


There is nothing quite like the taste of a sweet blueberry and drinking blueberry flavored soju is no different. This sweet tasting soju goes down quite smooth and has a wonderful sweet berry flavor. Enjoy one of these on a warm summer day as you are winding down for the day. You will not regret it.


For those who do not want to lose the original flavor of soju, but want something a little different, the citrus flavor is a great choice. This flavor has more of an alcohol taste with just a hit of citrus to make it a bit sweeter and a little bit sour. This flavor is extremely refreshing and one of the favorites of many.


When you think about grapefruit, chances are you think of a slight bitterness. However, the grapefruit flavor soju has a fruitier flavor than you might expect. This drink is light and refreshing and perfect as an end of the day drink. A shot of this before a meal or at any time really is truly enjoyable.


If you are looking for a great mixer, you really cannot go wrong with the pineapple soju. This soju is great on its own, but also goes great with some cranberry juice or mixed with some coconut flavors. Pineapple soju simply reminds you of the tropics and is the perfect drink on a hot summer day.


Anything peach is going to provide you with a fruity punch and peach soju is no different. There is a slight alcohol undertone to this flavor of soju, but overall it is really good. The smell is fantastic and something that any fan of peaches is going to truly enjoy.


Fresh and fantastic, drinking apple soju is just like drinking apple juice. You are going to really enjoy this flavor if you have not tried it yet. Just make sure that you are very careful because this soju goes down very smoothly and it is quite easy to overdo it.

Green Grape

Green grape is perhaps the best and most favorite of all of the soju flavors. It offers a smooth taste and is almost like drinking a good sweet wine. Many people love the smoothness and sweetness that this flavor of soju has to offer.


There are many wonderful brands of soju from which to choose as well. One of the most popular brands is Jinro and you can order directly from their website. Some of the other well-known brands of soju to consider include Chum Churum and Good Day. You can find these at almost any liquor store or Korean market.

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