Wedding jewellery trends of 2019: Going back to pearls

Your wedding day is going to be the most special day of your life, so it makes sense for you to want every possible detail to be as perfect as it gets. Of course, your wedding jewellery is going to be no exception to this rule. Now, you may have already heard that a big trend for this year is the return of the pearls, and if this is something you like, then you can jump right on this wagon. Before going deep into the world of pearls, let’s just do a quick overview of other trends that are popular in 2019.

Love bands
For wedding bands, people are opting more and more towards pieces that are complementary, with studded gemstones and even birthstones. There is also more and more of a preference towards rose gold, and even to mixed metals.

Layered neck-pieces
Depending on the specific type of dress you’re going to wear, chances are your neck is going to be the focal point as far as jewellery pieces go. The great thing about the trends this year is that they allow you to mix and match. You can use various types of metal, and layer them up. Not only this, but you can also add different types of diamonds or stones.

Pastel colours
Pastel colours are starting to be the most popular options out there. You can incorporate them in any piece of jewellery, whether it’s your necklace, your earrings or your bracelet.

Mixed gems
Mixed gems are starting to be a more and more popular option for wedding jewellery in 2019. A good idea you can use as inspiration is creating a three-triangle design earring that will contrast your wedding dress beautifully. You can choose mixed colours of gemstones, emeralds, sapphires, or pretty much anything else you fancy and know would make you extremely happy on your special day. You can also apply this idea to your bridal pendant. While there are virtually no limits to the specific design you can choose, you can opt for something like a pointed star, a teardrop or a triangle shape.

The pearl
If none of the trends above interested you as much as the pearl itself, perhaps it’s time to dive deeper into its world. Pearls started to be used for jewellery at least as far back as ancient Greece. Until recently, they used to be considered some of the most valued gems out there. In fact, in the Byzantine empire, only emperors were allowed to wear them. In the 1900s, they started to be more accessible, as people in Asia figured out how to create cultured pearls, thus making them more readily available.

In ancient times, pearls were used as a symbol for the moon, and were taught to have plenty of magical properties. In ancient China, many believed that wearing pearls protected people from dragons and from fire. In other cultures, they symbolise modesty, and even chastity, while in Victorian England, small seed pearls were used as jewellery that was worn when someone was mourning. In this latter case, they were used to symbolise tears.

Pearls today
Nowadays, you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to picking pearl jewellery. If you’re trying to become more environmentally friendly, you should consider purchasing antique pieces, since those have the added value of the time they’ve endured. If you’d rather purchase newly made pieces, you can consider looking into items that were made with pearls from sustainable farms. This way, you’re going to look absolutely gorgeous on your wedding day, but you won’t be harming the environment.

Caring for pearls
Pearl jewellery is quite expensive. Not only this, but if you’ve worn certain pieces on your wedding day, they’re also going to be filled with emotional value, further motivating you to take special care when it comes to them. What should you be doing? First off, keep in mind that the acid we’ve all got in our perspiration can lead to a gradual damage of the pearls. As such, remember to clean them with a dry or a damp cloth after wearing them. In addition, you should always be careful about perfume, or other types of chemicals coming into contact with them. They should also be kept safe from extreme heat, such as the one emitted by your hair drier. If you keep these few things in mind, you’re going to be able to enjoy your jewellery pieces for a long time to come.

It seems like the 2019 wedding jewellery trends are all about creativity. However, one option shines above the rest, and that option is the pearl. If you’re going to go for this option, we hope that this article gave you a few precious pointers.


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