Ways to add value to your home

Flooring is overlooked by sellers many times. But the truth is that flooring matters a lot. Bad flooring keeps buyers away. There are different kinds of flooring increasing value to your home. The challenge is in doing the required alterations to increase the value of your home. It is not a surprise that wooden flooring is the top choice and it commands the market.

Wood floors are easy to maintain. It also causes less dust and allergens are lowered. The wood flooring adds to the beauty, thereby enhancing the value of your home.   Adding wooden flooring to a house is a beautiful way of enhancing the look of your room. But what breaks or makes the value is the type and design of hardwood and the rest of the house updates. However if you are moving home you’ll need a house clearance. 


The direction and pattern in the wood planks add or detract the appeal. The short planks look updated when placed in a cross or herringbone pattern. Likewise, if the planks are in one direction, the room feels tighter.  You can consult a flooring expert and understand the perfect pattern and design in the wood flooring.

Do it up!

With spring just around the corner, it’s the time of  year where you get the itch to do up your house. Be it bathroom, kitchen or bedroom, you’re likely to need to throw out a heap of junk that won’t be taken with your normal refuse collection. For this, you’ll certainly need a skip hire.

Also, you can consider Skip Hire Folkestone that helps to manage your home waste.

Order of Operations

There is a need to consider a bathroom or a kitchen update before installing hardwood. The bathroom and kitchen are the main two rooms that add the most value. Getting the right bang is possible for your buck by replacing the appliances and countertops, and on adding some fresh paint. Decide the budget and add to the dining or living room some wood flooring. 

ROI for wood floors

Adding wood flooring increases house value. The ROI for wood flooring is between 70 to 80%. It means spending on wood flooring $20,000 by spending $10.square foot, which means you can see $14000 to $16,000 reflecting your home sale price. These depend on the design and type of wood flooring. Even if you are not keen on selling it right now, the ROI is sure to be bigger.


Hardwood floors last more than 100 years, based on the care. Experts recommend floors refinishing once every 7 – 10 years costing each time around $1000 and $2500.

Aesthetic edge

Wood flooring offers an aesthetic edge. The value of your home is sure to increase with an amazing wood floor. Creating a high-quality space is well-defined only if you focus on each aspect and the foremost part is the flooring. Adding wood flooring to areas such as loft conversions and extensions also matters as an effective selling point.

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