Warmool Heater Reviews UK 2022 Does Warmool Work or Scam

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Winter warmth is a popular option with personal heaters. The Warmool Heater UK can be used by individuals to heat their homes or get them to work. Warmool Heater UK’s new design allows for a 30% reduction in monthly electricity bills compared to traditional heaters.

Warmool Heater UK is a high quality electric heater suitable for use in all climates. Its custom heating capability makes it an excellent choice as you can count on Alpha to keep your room comfortable no matter what the weather throws at you.

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What is Warmool Heater UK?


Warmool Heater UK heats up to 350 square feet of space using 30% less energy than traditional heaters. For those familiar with freezing cold floors, this will be a far cry from the times. Our editors were impressed with the mechanics of the Warmool Heater UK. Most heaters only suggest personal heating. This is just one aspect that deserves the spotlight. Do you have other areas worth considering? You’ll discover the answer when we look at the full list of features.

The Warmool Heater UK is a personal heat source that provides users with instant heat whenever they need it. The Warmool Heater UK is a heater that can be used indoors instead of having central heating. It has a fully digital display so you can easily see what temperature the user is setting and its small size makes it portable enough for travel or work.

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Features of the Warmool Heater UK

Compact and light

  • Conventional heaters are approximately 27.88 inches long, 5.75 inches high, and 2.56 inches deep. It can weigh up to 7 kg. The Warmool Portable Heater UK is slightly larger than the other outlets. Consumers only have to plug the Warmool Heater UK into an outlet. Lightweight and compact, it occupies space otherwise occupied by dirt and dust.


safety devices

  • To ensure maximum safety, Warmool Heater UK has multiple overheating and anti-tilt protection devices. If the temperature exceeds 122 degrees Fahrenheit, the heater reduces it to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature rises three times in a row, the Warmool Heater UK will turn itself off. In the event of overheating, the heating stops and the ambient air is cooled for 30 seconds. The power supply is switched off.


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Fast heat-up time and programmable features

  • One Warmool Heater UK unit can heat an entire 350 square foot room in under 10 minutes. You can customize heat settings and set timers from 0 to 6 hours. You can choose the heating level that best suits your needs. The Warmool Heater UK cannot be used continuously for more than 6 hours before it stops cooling down.

main benefits


  • Modern, slim design
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is available
  • Energy efficient products use less energy.
  • Heat up the room in just 2 minutes
  • Even heat distribution system
  • Advanced PTC ceramic heating elements for fast heating

How to Use Warmool Heater UK?


The Warmool Heater UK can heat 350 square feet and uses 650W (low) or 1200W (high) amps.

  • Step 1 Turn on the heater and place it on a desk, table, or bedside table.
  • Step 2: Make sure the security button on the device is enabled. Once the heater is off, it will not emit hot air.
  • Step 3: Three buttons control the top of the heater. You can adjust the fan speed or set the timer.


How Does Warmool Heater UK Work?


Warmool Heater UK is a unique product that allows people to control the temperature in their room. With an adjustable timer and a variety of settings, it’s going to be difficult for anyone who wants heat without the hassle or expense associated with other methods.


This heater is built to last, whether it turns off automatically when the temperature reaches 122°F or times out. With an automatic timer and no harm if someone forgets to turn it off, this product can also be set up to start work at certain times of the day.

This heater can keep people warm and cozy through the winter as it can operate at two speeds. It also has a timer that allows heating times to be set and switches A and B that control heating and cooling respectively. When turned off from either setting (or when left unattended), this unit blows cool air into the home while neutralizing the indoor temperature, so there’s no risk of stirring up emotions.

Where to buy Warmool Heater in UK?


On the official website you can order the Warmool Heater UK . Consumers have several options. Consumers have the option to order one or more devices. Multiple units are more expensive than single units.


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  • An Warmool Heater UK $49.95 each
  • Two Warmool Heater UKs $47.45 each/$94.91 total
  • Three Warmool Heater UKs $44.96 each/$134.87 total
  • Four Warmool Heater UKs $42.46 each/$169.83 total
  • Five Warmool Heater UKs $39.96 each total $199.80


Customers can return Warmool Heater UK products within 30 days of purchase. Customers can return their Warmool Heater UK products within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. The return and handling costs are the responsibility of the customer.


Warmool Heater UK can heat small apartments or rooms. More units provide greater coverage. The safety features of Warmool Heater UK have been very inspiring according to our research. It is important to warn people about the dangers of portable heaters. Since Warmool Heater UK was designed to address these concerns, they are no longer an issue.


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It is recommended to keep the device away from pets and children and not allow them to touch it. The energy efficiency also convinced us. Warmool Heater UK can be used as a heating and cooling product. It heats enough to provide comfort while keeping utility bills low.



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