Vintage Trends in Weddings

Whether you’re planning your upcoming nuptials or trying to determine the best way to make your big day one straight out of the history books, a vintage wedding can help make your dreams a reality. From the decor to the ring, nearly every aspect of your wedding day can be inspired by a foregone era.

If you need help coming up with the perfect way to embody vintage sophistication during your wedding — don’t worry! These tips will help you pull off the perfect vintage wedding.

Research Your Chosen Era

If you truly want to recreate your favorite era, you’ll need to hit the history books! Each period has its own defining characteristics that make it special and distinct. For example, the roaring twenties were known for flappers, Gatsby-esque parties, and upbeat jazz.

The radical eighties was a decade known for the event of the century — the marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Choose your era and carefully select the features you want to highlight during your wedding — from fashion to music and everything in between.

Choose an Older Venue and Church

The venue you choose can set the theme for the rest of your wedding day. If you want to go for a classic vintage theme, then choosing an older venue is one of the best ways to achieve your goals.

Older churches are steeped in history and truly embody the aesthetic of another time. If you don’t want to be married in a church, choosing an outdoor venue can make it easier to customize the theme of your vintage wedding. Decor, location, and scenery can all contribute to a vintage wedding aesthetic.

Hire a Band

Nothing says vintage like a live band! As we moved forward with technological advancements that make it easy to enjoy tunes digitally, the allure of live bands has become even stronger. If you’re lucky, you might find a band the specializes in playing music from the era you’ve chosen.

However, if hiring a band isn’t an ideal choice for you, choosing music from the years you’re trying to mimic can really set the tone. For example, if you’re looking at the fifties, maybe choose something by Elvis for your first dance. Bonus points if you choose the alternative of having vintage records played at your wedding.

Choose Vintage Threads and Looks

Clothing is one of the biggest indicators of an era. Fashion shifts and changes with the decade. There are some distinct clothing pieces that can signal a certain era. Consider choosing vintage dresses for bridesmaids and vintage suits for the groomsmen. You can also add accessories like a unique classy pocket watch from Dalvey to achieve even more vintage gentleman look.

That way, your entire wedding party will look as if they’ve just walked out of a magazine from the past. If you really want to tie the look together, seek out vintage makeup styles and a vintage wedding dress for your big day!

Wear a Vintage Wedding Ring

Though a vintage wedding ring isn’t exactly the most noticeable aspect of a vintage wedding — it’s still an important one. In fact, vintage engagement and wedding rings can pull the entire look together.

To obtain a vintage ring, you may choose to purchase a ring that was made in the era of your choosing, such as an Art Deco ring, or have a new ring created by a master jeweler, like Keyzar engagement rings to mimic the ring styles of that era. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll have a piece that will not only remind you of the best day of your life, but it will also act as a glimpse into the past.

Final Thoughts

Vintage weddings have a dreamy sort of glamour that has entranced many brides and grooms during their wedding planning stage. The overall aesthetic of your chosen era can be easily (and magnificently!) reproduced for a single day and create a magic that transports your wedding attendees to a different time. Do your research to get an authentic look! Happy planning!

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