Vaping in today’s society

Since the youth of our grandparents, the world has extremely changed. They could never imagine calling anyone via Skype. The same thing with us – waiting for a letter from someone for months seems to be complete baloney! Have you ever asked yourself how difficult it is for older people to accept all the innovations of modern society? If you haven’t – do it! Can you now imagine how much stress such things as laptops, vape pens, and auto-piloted car call among older people?

The question still is: What part of social life does vaping take in today society?
Some people see vaping as a relaxing activity, having fun with friends or going banana, for the other, this is the question of morality and values. The role of vaping in our life can be estimated using different criteria. They are age, nationality, sex, social status, job position, religion and even sometimes your political views. Why people’s opinions differ so much? The answer is your cultural background, the power of social influence and the priorities you developed within the family.

There exist a particular classification of people in sociology according to the times they were born. Depending on whether you belong to “X”, “Y”, “Z” generation (the generations that form modern society), your attitude may be different. The thing is that because of being born and brought up in different times, we prioritize different things, and our values vary. This is also the reason for a different attitude to all the innovations, including vapes. We would look through the reasons for a certain attitude to vaping of different parts of society.

What is the attitude of the X generation to vaping?
People born between 1965 and 1980 were influenced by such social events as Falling of Berlin Wall, Cold War, Live Aid, Thatcherism, Early mobile technology, etc. This somehow shaped their attitude to accepting new things and developed a certain way of critical thinking about modern inventions. The idea is that the very first wave of popularity of first e-cigs started after 1965 – the year of taking out a patent. Herbert Gilbert was the one, who presented “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette”. So we can say that e-cigs are X generation also. However, today e-cigs are not as popular as their successors – vape pen mods and best ecigs uk from Vapingdaily.

The history of vaporizer pen started after the start of a new century when Chinese company Hon Lik presented their e-cigs and prototypes of modern vapor pen. They have also introduced one of the first additional constituents for vapes, such as vape pen battery, cartridge, and tank.

Vaping was thought to be “the healthy alternative to smoking”, and X generation switched to vaping mostly because they wanted to quit smoking. For a long time, e-cigs and vapes were thought to be almost harmful, though nowadays researches found out that e liquids contain many heavy metals and cancerogenic elements, which get into human’s body when vapored. Nowadays these people are old enough to understand the harmful reasons for vaping, and they try to quit both smoking and vaping. Although by force of habit it may be difficult for them to quit, they usually criticize the younger generation for vaping. Overall, vaping is a part of the life of X generation, but the attitude is mainly negative.

What is the attitude of the Y generation to vaping?
People born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s were those, who experienced 9/11 terrorist attack, invasion of Iraq, Google Earth, Reality TV, etc. These people often encourage new technologies and developments, though they leave in doubt many things because they know how manipulative the ads might be. These people were quite young when vapes first appeared on the market, and they cast a wary eye at the way of best ecig uk gaining popularity. Most of these people nowadays vape only because they also believed that vaping is better than regular and electronic cigs. They have experienced the first negative comments regarding e-cigs and some they succumbed to the influence of early vaping advertising campaigns. That seemed to be new, fun and accessible. When they grew older, they understood how the attitude to vaping changed and they were first, who explored grounds of vape addiction.

The development of oil vape pen, wax vape pen, and dab vape pen also sparked the interest of scientists to the diversity of substances used while vaping and their influence on human bodies and mental health. After such researches, people became aware of the possible adverse effects of vaping.

What is the attitude of the Z generation to vaping?
The part of modern society, born between 1995 and 2012, who are nowadays old enough for influencing society by their decisions. They also shape the notion of “fashion” for the younger generation. This generation grew up during the hot discussion of climate change, several economic downturns and the influence of cloud computing; however not all of them now understand the importance of these issues. Their primary motivation is not money or other benefits. They need some extra motivation and the fundamental reason for doing something.

Modern youth is quite fascinated by vaping, especially those, who still attend school or who are early college students. The main reason for vaping is that that is cool. Youth perceives vaping as the way to seem mature. Smoking is also a fashion for them. The industry is developing, and advertising campaigns do their best to attract young people. In some circles, scientists discuss the issue of the popularity of vaping among teens. They present this as problematic because young people cannot educe the hidden signals of ads and are prone to manipulations. Surveys say that the main reasons for vaping for them are “wrapping”: fascinating and alluring names of liquids or enchanting presentations of newly developed best ecig uk. However, the older generation (parents, teacher, and social activists) try to present the consequences of consumption of vape liquids as negative. Having experienced some of these consequences by themselves, they try to prevent their children, younger siblings, nieces, and nephews from such fate.

To sum up, because of successful advertising campaigns, the vaping industry is a very profitable one. People of all ages use vape pens. Although scientists harshly criticize this activity nowadays, vaping does not lose their popularity.

About the author: Christina Matthews, the journalist who studies the latest news in the health industry. Now she studies the effects of smoking and vaping on health and reasons for such its popularity.

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