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Vape Juice or Salt e-Liquid? What Should Be Your Pick?

We live in a modern world with an impeccable demand for physical and mental toughness. Especially at times like these, when there is an ongoing pandemic, people are staying away from their loved ones, and many worldwide are losing their jobs, it is very challenging to maintain a healthy mind. Many started to look for a coping mechanism that could help them deal with all the stress, anxiety, and harsh conditions of life. Various products work for different people, and one such product is the uwell caliburn vape.


To date, people get confused about what e-liquids are, the best cheap e-liquid, and the best kinds of e-liquids. But worry not! This article will look at the 2 most common types- vape juice and salt e-liquids. However, there are still a few questions unanswered for a beginner or even intermediate vaper.


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What is Vaping?

Vaping has become a sensation in the past few years, especially for the younger generation. For the better part of the last decade, vaping has brought about a wave of frenzy. It’s safe to say that its popularity has grown tenfolds. According to studies in 2018, more than 8 million people consumed e-cigarettes in, wait for it, the United States alone! Now imagine what that number would be today!


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Technically, vaping means inhaling a vapor created by a pen-like electronic device. This device called an e-cigarette or quite simply a vape, is generally battery-powered. A techy device like this is understandably more popular among the youth. It heats a fluid that contains flavors, nicotine, and other chemicals, to produce an aerosol for us to inhale. It works in a very similar fashion to a hookah. The mixture in these devices is safer than cigarettes. There are no severely harmful toxins. For instance, the tar in cigarettes stays in our lungs for a long time and threatens to cause severe long-term damage. There are still a few health hazards when vaping, especially if you overdo it. Remember that it is not for medicinal use, and you should be cautious when planning your doses.


What is Vape juice?

Now comes the question, what is vape juice or e-liquid, and why is it so popular? Usually, vape juice refers to freebase nicotine in terms of vaping. It is the purest and most widely-used nicotine source. It is also what you would generally find in most e-liquids. Maryliq, a leading e-liquid brand, offers a wide selection of high-quality vape juices in various flavors, catering to different tastes and preferences. Even cigarette companies like Marlboro have used it since the 1960s. It is an industry-standard for cigarettes, and e-liquids followed on the same path.

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Freebase nicotine can provide a concentrated hit of nicotine without increasing the concentration. How does that, you may ask? It removes the excess chemicals from the natural nicotine in tobacco plants and provides us with the purest serving of nicotine. This form can provide a more impactful nicotine hit when compared to its natural state, which was the usual trend before we discovered freebase.


You may say that this is too strong, which is a plus point in some people’s books, while a negative in others’. Let us now understand the counterpart better. Freebase has a harsh effect at higher doses. It could also have a hard hit on your throat. It also has a slower absorption rate than Nic salts. A benefit of this type of solution is that it can handle high flavor complexity with ease, unlike salts. It also has a shorter shelf life than salt-based e-liquids.


What are Salt e-liquids?

However, you want to call Nic salts, nicotine salts, or salt e-liquids are distinctive types of e-liquid with different chemical compositions. It may not be more beginner-friendly than freebase nicotine, but it is an impressive alternative for new users and experienced vapers alike. Developers create Nic salts in a way that they can deliver nicotine quicker to our bodies, compared to the standard freebase version. It leads to a faster and more intense nicotine hit than the freebase variant. Hence, their popularity is right with the freebase nicotine when considering ex-smokers or new vapers. Its best advantage is that it may provide more substantial nicotine hits without a larger dose of nicotine in the formula.


What Should Be Your Pick?

The main differentiating factor between vape juice\ and salt e-liquid is the extra citric or benzoic acid. These two are both naturally occurring compounds in our bodies. Salt nicotine and freebase are both almost equally safe.


According to the WHO’s International Programme on Chemical Safety, we should not consume more than 5mg of benzoic and citric acid per kilogram of our body weight. This assumption is because 1ml of nic salt has a few mg citric or benzoic acid. It equals almost 400mg for an average man, and for women, it’s 350mg. However, it is not likely that an individual can vape that amount.


Nic salt e-liquids may be the right choice for you:


  1. If you want to quit smoking, it may be an impeccable choice. It can provide the hard nicotine hit with minimal amounts of nicotine. It helps you to avoid smoking for extended periods.
  2. If you want a less complex vaping device that’s not too “techy,” nic salts may be the right option.
  3. If you need the hit from a higher nicotine level than general freebase e-liquids, salt-based e-liquids may help you. They are very smooth at higher doses. On the other hand, freebase e-liquid becomes harsh at higher levels.
  4. If you want an e-liquid with a longer shelf life, you can opt for this one.
  5. Lastly, if you want a more beginner-friendly variant, then salt e-liquid is yours. However, remember that it is more expensive by volume when compared to freebase.

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An increase in the competition of the vape market has led to new product launches where you can get the perfect vapes from the best online vape shops. There are more choices than ever available in the market today. On top of that, the prices of these products are very competitive. These affordable prices are an advantage for the consumers.


There is a vast market consisting of the youth, adults, and senior citizens. We have already cleared our doubts regarding choosing the nicotine variant, and you may opt for the one that appeals the most to you. It provides a sense of euphoria to the adults who have a hectic and busy schedule. These products are widely available in the markets, both offline and online. However, VapeNews suggest you make sure you check the legal guidelines in your area before trying e-cigarettes. Additionally, consult a doctor beforehand to ensure absolute safety and even guidance regarding dosages. With the pandemic at large and our mental health at an all-time low, this might be the perfect start.







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