Top Tips to Improve Your Gaming Performance

If you’re new to gaming or simply want to fine-tune your skills, then these tips and tricks on how to improve your gaming abilities are just what you need. Aside from plenty of practice, there are plenty of other things you can do to give yourself more of an edge when playing your favourite games.

These days the range of games out there, like slots, casino games and PC games, is huge. Slots are super fun, especially ones like Gonzo’s Quest, and don’t require any real skill, simply a good amount of luck. Gaming, on the other hand, requires more skill and deftness. More specifically you need good control of your motor skills, hand-eye coordination, as well as sharp reflexes.

Practice Makes Perfect

As with most things we do, practising will always work in our favour, and gaming is no exception. The key, though, is to practise by playing against gamers that are better than you are. Even though you’ll probably get tired of not winning, it’s the perfect way to learn fast. A skillful gamer can teach you a lot, it will also prevent you from becoming overconfident and make you push yourself to reach new levels. In time you will start getting used to their play, your own level will start improving, and you’ll be able to see the difference in your ability pretty. On the other hand, playing someone of your own level, or weaker than you, will do nothing to improve your play.

Study the Pros

There’s no shortage of live streaming platforms where you can watch the real professional players do their thing. Reactivity is crucial to great performance and watching these pros in action, reveals a lot about their reactions to things that happen in real-time. These players have developed valuable styles and playing methods that have put them where they are. It’s a great way of understanding how their minds work in any given situation and stage of play, which can then be taken on board. Adopting even just a few key tricks that these pros use can make all the difference to your own gameplay.

Keep Your Cool

Gaming is exciting and can really keep you on the edge of your seat, so keeping your cool can be a real challenge. The thing that sets a pro apart from the average gamer, is being able to keep calm under the most high-pressure situations. Staying composed allows you to think more clearly and make consistently good decisions, allowing your skill and confidence to show. Telling someone to stay calm though, is easier said than done. A few relaxation techniques can help, like meditation and listening to chill-out music.

Doing regular physical exercise will also clear the mind and improve your concentration and clarity. In addition, exercising your hand muscles, wrist and fingers will help you cope with the strain that handling the controls for hours on end will do to you. Try squeezing a tennis ball repeatedly, there are loads of great exercises that you are sure to find online. Once your hands, fingers, and wrists are nice and strong your response mechanism will improve too, and you won’t feel so tired and achy from too much play.

Most Effective Tactic Available

This is commonly called META and is an important thing to study and know. The META of a game can change on a regular basis, so keeping up to date with this information is the only way to keep ahead of the pack. Knowing the most recent effective tactics available will give you the edge over other gamers so that your chances of winning a competition are greatly improved. There are gaming communities that are worth becoming a member of so that you can get notified of updates that could affect the META.

In the Zone

When you are required to give your full concentration to something, like gaming, blocking out all distractions is the only way to direct your focus fully to the task. If you are prone to getting easily distracted, then make sure you’re wearing noise-canceling headphones. Don’t have your favourite music playing in the background, in fact, it’s even worth turning off the in-game music too. If you’re really serious about improving your game, then eliminate every type of sound except the game’s necessary sound effects.

Brightening your computer screen is also a good tip. This makes the colours on the screen really stand out and your vision is greatly enhanced. All you need is some enhancement of the graphics and more intensity of the colours, but you can overdo it, so play around with it until you’re happy with the result.

It’s the Little Things

You can actually alter the layout and sensitivity of the game controls by tweaking them. A one size fits all approach doesn’t exist, so by trying a few settings you will find the optimum range of movement that will work well for you. If you’re playing on PC, a gaming mouse is worth considering as it has a wide range of sensitivity settings. Regardless of what you play on, check out your options and find the accessories that are going to suit your needs best and are also the most comfortable to use. The differences may seem small, but when playing at a certain level, every improvement counts.

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