Top tips for first-time flyers

Are you feeling nervous about an upcoming flight and trip that you are taking? Many people who have never been on a plane before can get very nervous as the flight approaches as they are not sure what to expect. Of course, if you talk to anyone who has been on a plane before, you will find that it is actually a very stress-free experience and the airport is often the hardest part.

Here, we are going to give you some top tips for flying for the first time and some advice on how to navigate the airport if you are flying alone. This will include everything from making sure that you are there early to checking out the baggage regulations before you go. Keep reading to find out more about our top tips.

Get There Early

If you are feeling a little stressed about flying alone for the first time, then you should make sure that you get there on time or even a little early to make sure that you can figure out what you need to do. Many airlines will suggest that you are there around three hours before your plane takes off and this is the perfect amount of time to get through the airport without any stress. First-time flyers might not be aware just how busy airports like Heathrow or Gatwick can get and so we suggest that you allow yourself enough time to get through security.

While it might seem a bit excessive to be there hours before you need to, this will give you time to find your terminal, check your bags in and relax once you have arrived in the departure lounge. If you are worried about the actual flying part, having some time to get a coffee and some food before your flight can make all of the difference. Make sure to get there early and you won’t regret it.

Park At The Airport

As a first time flyer, you won’t want to have to deal with flying alone as well as getting there to the airport and trying to navigate public transport. Yes, airports like Gatwick and Heathrow have special shuttles that allow you to get there directly from the city centre, but you might have to wait for space on one and you’ll need to make sure that you buy a ticket.

For a stress-free experience on your way to the airport, we suggest that you head to and book your car into the car park. Meet and greet Heathrow Airport gives you peace of mind as you leave your car somewhere safe and you won’t have something additional to worry about. On top of this, meet and greet Heathrow terminal 5 will also take you right to your terminal and get you on track to where you need to be on this overwhelming experience. Try this out as it is perfect for first-time flyers.

Ask For Help

At the airport, you will find that there are plenty of staff members who are there to help you. If you are a first time flyer and you have no idea where you are going, there will always be someone who can guide you to the right terminal or check in desk. The airport will also have plenty of screens with information and arrows that will direct you through the airport. Before you go, we suggest that you look at a map of the airport and figure out where you need to go to get to your flight. If the airport is large and has multiple terminals, then this is really important.

If you do come across some issues when you are in the airport, make sure to ask a member of staff for some help. This is their job so they will be happy to help you get to where you need to go.

Look At Baggage Regulations

Did you know that certain airlines will allow for heavier bags than others? It is really important that you know about your baggage allowance and that you book a bag onto your ticket before you go. It is not always included in the price and so you need to be sure that you are allowed to bring that suitcase. Make sure to look at the fine print carefully and pay for extra baggage if you think that you are going to need it. As a first time flyer, the last thing you need at the airport is to find out that your bag is too heavy and that you need to pay an additional fee.

When it comes to baggage regulations, we also suggest that you take a look at what you can bring in your hand luggage. You will only be able to bring liquids that are under 100ml and they need to be able to fit inside a clear plastic bag. If this is not possible then you will not be able to take the liquids through to your flight and will need to leave them behind.

Relax Before You Take Off

Our final tip for those who are flying for the first time in the near future is to make sure that you find time to relax before you take off. If you are going to be very nervous on the flight, then you will find that relaxing and having some food and drink can actually make things easier. If you need to go straight from airport security onto your flight, then you are not going to be relaxed at all.

On the other side of airport security, you will find that many airports off shopping, bars and restaurants for you to enjoy. Some even offer meals that will come in a matter of minutes which means that you have time to fit in a meal before your flight. If you can find the time, make sure to relax and this will make your journey much less stressful. Grab a book from your bag or one of the stores in the airport, put your headphones on and keep an eye on the screen to make sure that you are ready for your first flight.

Final Verdict

Flying for the first time alone can be very scary and for many people, it is often avoided at all costs. Flying alone doesn’t have to be as scary as you think, as long as you know what to look out for and you are prepared. Try to take on board the advice that we have given you in this article and you should find that your airport experience is much less stressful than you think. Check out the baggage regulations from the airport before you go and give your suitcase a weigh to make sure that you are not going to be charged more when you try to check it in.

If you can consider some of the tips that we have given you, you should be able to have a great trip this year. Remember to relax and soon, you’ll be at your destination ready to start exploring and do what you went there to do!

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