Top locations to open a cocktail lounge in Sheffield

Of all the places in the UK, Sheffield is one of the more famous for a resolute drinking culture. After all, there was once even a charity taxi there a miniature pub in the front seat, so the natives are clearly open to a good time with some booze. Therefore, some might say this is the perfect city to open a swanky cocktail lounge in!

But where exactly in Sheffield should such an establishment be situated? After all, there’s likely to be a few choice hotspots around town. Before you get your quality champagne and prosecco glasses from places like Nisbets, think about location, location, location!

Consequently, here’ the top locations top open a cocktail lounge in Sheffield!

Kelham Island

An up-and-coming area of Sheffield, Kelham Island is going from strength to strength in recent times. It recently opened an enormous independent food hall, featuring indoor street food vendors that also happen to share company with bars and suchlike. It’s an area full of hustle and bustle, and it’s likely that a new cocktail bar in or around this area could net a few customers.

Remember, some rules are the same for every business. If you put your company right in the middle of where the market is busiest and strongest, in the centre of a stream of customers, some of them at least will wander into your premises. That strategy is applicable to cocktail lounges too!

West Street, Carver Street

There’s only one demographic that loves to drink more than anyone else in the world; students! Keen to fit in with their pals and drink in exciting locales, they’ll flock to multiple places to mingle and have a great time. It’s true that they prefer pubs and clubs, but still, if they want a more sophisticated or private evening one night, a cocktail lounge might just tick their boxes.

West Street and Carver Street are particularly full of Sheffield students from both city’s universities; The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University. They attract great portions of a younger and more willing-to-drink demographic, so situating a cocktail lounge here would be wise… especially during freshers’ week!

Ecclesall Road

Sheffield’s Ecclesall Road also attracts a great deal of traffic. There’s lots to see and do there, and many small and independent businesses have an exciting influx of paying customers. Despite all it’s variety and busyness, there’s one thing it doesn’t currently have; a trendy cocktail lounge!

When there’s a gap in the market, filling it can yield all sorts of rewards and opportunities. It’s very likely a cocktail lounge could slot in nicely here and cover that corner of Sheffield in the ‘hipster drink’ market!


Sheffield is a thriving city, and it’s got multiple places where a cocktail lounge would do well. Some areas don’t even have too much competition either, so it’s also rife with opportunity in that sense also. Ultimately, it’s hard to imagine such an establishment failing n any way under these conditions!

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