Top Korean Horror Films of All Times

Films often represents one of the best forms of entertainment, particularly horror movies, especially for the adrenaline and horror junkies. Most people concentrate on exotic films produced from Europe of the US but pay little attention to Korean movies. However, Korea produces brilliant horror movies. Additionally, Korean films contribute hugely to the film industry in Asia.

So, what constitutes the all-time best Korean movies ever produced? Korean films have depth when it comes to the movie characters and their relationships. It prioritizes emotion above everything else, and the terror proves brutal. Additionally, the films have brilliant and creative concepts, with a specified stress on vicious revenge, plot twists, and anguished characters. At this time you can stay busy, study or write an essay but check college essay for sale and enjoy watching Korean movies.

The Best Korean Horror Films of All Times

  • A Tale of Two Sisters. The film got produced by BOM Film Company in 2003. The movie has a unique plot twist, probably the century’s best. It raked the highest gross income and screened in the USA theatres. The storyline revolves around two sisters based on an ancient Korean folktale. One of the sisters, Su-mi returns from a mental asylum to her father, sister, and an evil stepmother. The events that follow will leave you on your seat’s edge.
  • Gonjium’s Haunted Asylum. The horror film proved wildly successful and ranked just behind the BOM’s best seller. The movie revolves around Gonjiam, a real place in Korea’s Gyeonggi province. The psychiatric hospital proves one of Korea’s highly haunted and freaky places all over the world. The Hive Mediacorp production will keep your adrenaline rushing owing to its intense horror.
  • The Doll Master. If you have ever encountered a doll, you probably have the same perception of them proving creepy. So imagine a film about dolls and what type of a nightmare it can prove. It entails an eerie theme and feel with creative deaths of characters. You will love to watch this one on a rainy and chilly night with a comforter on your couch. The movie got produced in 2014 and can prove worth your while if you watch it.
  • The Mimic. The Korean film got produced in 2017 by the SDC production. It revolves around a woman and a kid she replaced her lost one with. The twist comes because the kid proves fifty-fifty as it can turn alien or human. It will keep you on your seat’s edge throughout due to its sickening plot, characters, and theme. You can find it on YouTube, Amazon Prime, and Shudder.
  • The Piper. The Korean movie got produced by UBU film in 2015. It transforms a western tale into a nightmare horror film. It retells the Hamelin’s Pied Pieper story and will keep you glued to your seat until it ends.
  • White: Melody of Death. Produced by DOO entertainment, the Korean horror film prove fascinating. A group of girls in a band hustle for success without any breakthrough. As a result, they stumble on the “White,” an unreleased tune, and decide to run with it. In as much as they instantly become successful, they each meet a horrifying and tragic fate.


If you love horror films and have never explored Korean movies, get out of your cocoon and try the mentioned horror classics from Korea. You will not regret it.

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