Top 7 Facts About Online Slots You Probably Never Knew

For years now, online slots are the most popular games in every online casino. Millions of players enjoy them on a daily basis. They are easy to play and provide a lot of fun, so the appeal is easy to understand. There are no complicated strategies to learn and memorize, no time pressure and you don’t risk a lot of money playing. The same can’t be said for the majority of other gambling games. With the mass use of smartphones and tablets, people can now play them everywhere, which only adds to their popularity.

You Can Play Online Slots Without Paying

Most online slots have a “free play” mode that allows players to test them before actually spending any money. This usually comes in a form of a certain number of free spins or a time limit. This way you can sample a wide variety of slots and see which ones you like. Some even offer free demos you can play as long as you like. Casinos also offer free spins, usually as a part of the signing bonus. The difference is that you can’t actually claim any money you won during free play. With free spins you get from a casino, you get to keep all your winnings.

It’s Not All About Luck

When playing online slots, people think that they are at the mercy of a random numbers generator that determines the winnings. However, there are also various skill-based slots you can play as well. Instead of relying on luck, the outcome of these slots should depend on the skill of the player. The exact manner of how this is determined depends on the slot in question. In racing-themed slots, you may race cars in a bonus round. In game-themed ones, you may play a round of FPS. Regardless of the mode, it would feel nice to have control of the result for once and not have to pray for the winning combination.

Online Slots Are the Most Popular Games in Online Casinos

Traditional slots account for some 70% of revenue in brick and mortar casinos. The percentage of revenue online slots generate for online casinos is not far behind. One reason for their popularity is that, unlike poker or other games, slots don’t require much skill. You don’t have to remember complicated strategies or cards, just push a button, and have fun. The fact that some of them are based on amazing action films of popular video games only adds to the entertainment factor. Hundred new ones are made each year, creating a vast offering for keen players, who apparently can’t wait to give them a spin.

You Can Prevent Yourself from Playing

One of the downsides of slot popularity is that, in some cases, people become addicted to them. The ease of access and simple gameplay have caused some people to develop serious addiction problems. While this is a medical condition and is treated as such, you can do a lot to prevent it. If you have a feeling that online slots are taking up too much of your time and money, you can always ban yourself from playing. Some countries have measures in plays that allow players to register for a self-imposed ban on gambling, slots included. For those of us who fear that they may give in to temptation, this can be an ideal solution.

Multiplayer Slots

When we think of slots, we usually imagine a player sitting in front of one and playing all by themselves. However, there are also slots intended for multiplayer. Even those that don’t support this mode can still be used in online slots tournaments. Casinos often organize these tournaments, since they are very popular with players. The goal is to win as many credits as possible. Since you are competing against other players, people flock to them, eager to win. Depending on a tournament, prizes can range from a couple of hundreds of dollars for smaller tournaments to hundreds of thousands for bigger ones. Similar to esports, the crowd usually gathers to follow the tournament and keep an eye on the leader board.

Online Slots are illegal in some countries

Residents of some countries risk severe penalties and even jail time if they try to access online casinos. The government of the United Arab Emirates strictly monitors Internet traffic and does not allow access to them. Japan also has very strict gambling regulations and online casinos are no exception. Qatar is also known for its complete ban on all forms of gambling, not just online kind. These laws apply not just to their citizens, but foreigners as well. So, if you are traveling abroad and want to pass the time playing online slots, make sure to check if you aren’t breaking any laws.

The Biggest Online Slot Winning

Every online slot player dreams of winning a huge jackpot, but rare are the ones that actually do it. The biggest win in online slot history happened on October 15th, 2015. The lucky winner was Jon Heywood, a 26-year-old soldier from the UK. For a bet of 25p, Jon scored a jackpot of £13,209,300 (€17,879,645 or $20,062,600 ) on Mega Moolah, a progressive slot developed by Microgaming. The humble Afghanistan veteran vowed to spend as much of his winnings to provide the best possible health care for his father, who was awaiting heart surgery at the time. To be fair, Jon holds the first place only thanks to the high exchange rate between pound sterling and euro at the time. The second place goes to an anonymous player from Finland, who scored €17,861,800 playing the MegaFortune slot.

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