Top 5 New Skin Care Brands That Crushed It in 2021

The top skincare brands of 2021 prove that influencers and social media are the way to break through in a tough market.

These 5 brands made it on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter by being innovative and influencer friendly. They’re high-quality products that look great on everyone, with social messages that resonate with young customers.

If you’re looking for the hottest brands of 2021, these are our favorites.  

Drunk Elephant

Drunk Elephant is getting a lot of talk in 2021. It’s a case where any publicity is good publicity for brands trying to break out.

Drunk Elephant started in 2012 but finally hit it big with attacks that provoked reaction videos. It also hits all of the right taglines for 2021: vegan, cruelty-free, and wildlife-friendly.

Their products use great ingredients, and they look good on everyone. The brand focuses on sensitive skin, which is important for teenage faces.

The Ordinary

The Ordinary jumped onto the scene in 2021 with huge sales and became a favorite of influencers everywhere. TikToker Kaelynwhitee endorsed the product and showed how influencers are critical for brand awareness in 2021. 

It’s a fun product with a blood-red design that’s quirky and evocative. It’s a fascinating look at how scary and fun products are taking the world by storm.

The product that put The Ordinary on the map is a skin peeler that evens out your complexion and minimizes imperfections. The high-quality product will become an instant go-to for millions of people around the world in 2021.


Rihanna is a marketing genius. Her Fenty skin lineup went viral with a timely song that begged dancers to try it out.

The choreography was hot, and the reggae sound was amazing. It was a fun campaign that made friends all over the world.

Fenty cosmetics look great on everyone, boy or girl. They’re made with top-quality ingredients that look as good in real life as on Instagram.

If you want to grab Fenty products of your own, you can find them on Amazon and have them shipped to you to Jamaica or anywhere in the world.

e.l.f. Cosmetics

e.l.f. was everywhere in 2021. The high-quality cosmetics are marketed by a fashion-forward brand that combines digital native influencers with a clever advertising campaign.

The Eyes. Lips. Face. campaign crushed it with 6.3 billion views and 4.5 million TikTok videos. It was a favorite because of the catchy music that begged TikTok dances and is a preview of 2020s marketing.

The makeup is outstanding, with high-quality ingredients that work for every complexion. This is one of our new favorites.

NYX Professional Makeup.

NYX is a digital-native brand that did very well on TikTok in 2021. It’s a high-quality brand that increases awareness using TikTok videos and rising stars.

NYX is a favorite of TikTok stars like MohoganyLOX, Louie Castro, and Avani, who catapulted it to superstardom in only a few months.

NYX had a massive 6-day campaign in March 2021 using the #ButterGlossPop challenge with competitions and original songs. There were over 2 million user-generated videos where Tiktokers tried out the products.


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