TOP 5 Most Gambling Nations in the World

The gambling community accounts for millions of people around the world, but some nations appreciate it more than any other. People choose different types of entertainment – casinos, slot machines, betting, or lotteries, but all of them are united by a love for gambling and games. A list of the most gambling nations around the world is provided below.

1)     Canada

Gambling institutions are regularly visited by both Canadians and tourists. For locals, gambling is one of their favorite hobbies. Canadians most often place bets on the results of hockey matches, as well as snowboarding and skiing competitions. Research shows that 75% of the adult population regularly buys lottery tickets and participates in sweepstakes. In addition, they often present each other tickets on birthdays and other holidays.


2)     Australia

Gambling is an integral part of life for many Australians. About 80% of adult citizens regularly gamble. According to experts, the widespread distribution of this activity is facilitated due to the absence of a state tax on winnings. Alongside a live dealer casino, about half of the players prefer slot machines, which are called pokies there. You don’t have to look for a casino to play slot machines. They are installed almost everywhere – in bars, shops, shopping centers, and other crowded places. Other Australian gamblers love betting, especially football, cricket, and horse racing.

3)     Singapore

The gambling market in Singapore is relatively young. The first gambling establishment opened there in 2010. Before that, only the state lottery Singapore Pools was available. Now they can play slot machines and other casino games, place bets, and test their fortune in lotteries. The gambling development in Singapore was initiated by the local government in order to attract the attention of tourists. However, the local population also appreciated the range of gambling games and joined the community of gamblers.

4)     Ireland

We all know about passionate Irish gamblers from films and TV series. They spend the most money on sports betting – football, rugby, and horse racing. Lad culture – is a local tradition when men gather in sports bars and pubs, drink, and watch broadcasts of matches on which they have placed their bets. Also, casinos are popular among the Irish – both online and offline. In virtual casinos, they play slots, and in real casinos, they play traditional card games.

5)     Finland

The gambling business in Finland is owned by the state. All revenues go to the state budget, which is why this activity is very common in Finland. Statistics show that one among three Finnish adults regularly plays in casinos, places bets, or buys lottery tickets. All types of gambling are allowed in Finland, however, the number of traditional casinos is not huge.

As you can see, the popularity of gambling can hardly be overestimated, and the abovementioned 5 countries are good examples of it.

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