Top 3 aesthetic London bars

There are many pubs and bars in the streets of London. These bars are not just places where you can have a glass of your favourite liquor, but today they have become places of outstanding beauty. London bars have now become a meeting place for lovers of art, eccentricity and of course alcoholic beverages. This article highlights my top 3 aesthetically beautiful bars that you can find in London.

#1: Drinking Martinis At Connaught Bar

When you visit Mayfair in London there is one bar that is really hard to miss. This is the Connaught Bar which in 2016 was named as the best bar in the world. Entering this bar is like stepping into a time capsule with lots of classic art deco and exquisite furnishings.

The Connaught Bar is managed by Ago Perrone, a mixologist originally from Italy while the highly decorated mirrored bar is a design of one of Britain’s famous sons – David Collins. The walls of the bar have a textured finish comprising of glittering platinum silver with pink overtones which give Connaught Bar a touch of class.

Connaught Bar is also known for its famous “Connaught Martinis” which are served gently stirred and not shaken (James Bond wouldn’t be proud). The Martinis are also poured from a pretty impressive height by Ago Perrone the mixologist and manager of the bar.

#2: Welcome To Mr Fogg’s Salon

Just as you feel at home when you play bonusy bez depozytu, so also will you experience that homely feeling when you visit Mr Fogg’s Salon. This bar is the creation of founders of the Inception Group, Duncan Stirling and Charlie Gilkes.

As you might have guessed already, this bar is themed after Phileas Fogg the famous 19th-century adventurer in Jules Verne’s book – “Around the World in 80 Days”.

Talk about a bar frozen in time. Mr Fogg’s Salon is decorated with hanging top hats, frilly styled lampshades, walls adorned with old hand-painted portraits, velvety curtains and a Victorian style fireplace. This picturesque bar is designed to make your imagination run wild with child-like excitement as you immerse yourself in the fictional world of Phileas Fogg.

#3: A View Of London In The Sky Pod At Sky Garden

There is one modern bar in London that truly blends the beauty of a natural setting with all the elements of a top class bar. This bar is the Sky Pod at Sky Garden.

If you want a place where you can truly soak in all that London has to offer in a single glance, then this bar may just be the right place to visit. You will be fortunate to view the streets of London from a considerable height and identifying famous monuments like the London Bridge and Big Ben from this bar.

Inside the Sky Pod at Sky Garden, you have hard glass windows from the floor up to the ceiling. This allows rays of the Sun to come through the bar and give you the perception of being in a large greenhouse.

In the centre of the bar, you have a big round bar with bartenders that serves some of the best cocktails not just in London, but indeed the whole world. What’s more, just to add to the greenhouse theme of the Sky Pod at Sky Garden, you have creeper plants creeping up the large and exquisite staircases.

These are my top 3 aesthetically pleasing bars in London, do they make your list?

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