Top 10 universities for MS in business analytics

Because of the proliferation of new enterprises, the increased emphasis on branding, and an unparalleled desire for expansion, there is a growing sense of competitiveness; as a result, there is a need for fresh, creative, and statistically sound ways to manage business development. As a direct consequence of this, Business Analytics (BA) has quickly become one of the most cutting-edge and in-demand majors offered at some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world. Students will learn how to plan enterprises, predict growth, and handle current challenges with the help of numbers, projections, and vast volumes of data.

Business Analytics is considered a “high in demand” professional course in today’s highly globalized and competitive market. This market is characterized by a front-foot game played by each country. The economies that perform the best have a diverse range of companies, all of which are working on expanding in specific ways. Due to the ever-increasing demand for improved goods and services in an economy driven by consumers, business analysts are in high need in countries such as Japan, Germany, China, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

Data analysts with business expertise are in high demand, but their numbers are low; as a result, their salary is nearly three times the average salary in Australia. It has led to the popularity of master’s degrees in business analytics and related fields in Australia.

Learn how to approach data with an analytical mentality and effectively understand and convey data to solve business problems. This Business Analytics certification course will demystify data analysis and provide the tools you need to utilize it in your work or further your education, no matter your job function or background.

Top universities that offer the Masters in Business Analytics

Time spent learning analytics can increase future wages and prepare you for work in a rapidly expanding industry. Develop your analytical thinking and superior knowledge to compete in various fields. The following degree programs offer graduates a rare blend of analytics knowledge and business savvy.

1.     MIT Sloan School of Management

The Masters of Business Analytics degree from MIT Sloan School of Management is the best in the world. It gets perfect employability scores, graduates’ outcomes, and thought leadership. The last indicator looks at a survey of professors, the impact of research, and Ph.D. personnel. Students in Sloan’s Masters of Business Analytics program learn how to understand data science and use it to solve business problems. It offers them skills for careers in management consulting, financial services, technology, and healthcare. Students work with industry experts on an Analytics Capstone Project during the course.

2.     UCLA Anderson School of Management

UCLA Anderson School of Management’s 15-month master’s in business analytics program is ranked second this year. It combines business school theory and practices with current commercial practice. The program includes an 8-10-week summer internship and a corporate-sponsored Capstone: Applied Analytics Project (AAP). Students confront real-world business analytics problems.

3.     ESSEC/CentraleSupélec

Two of France’s most famous universities, ESSEC Business School and CentraleSupélec, are ranked third worldwide for their MSc in Data Sciences & Business Analytics program. This one-year course is taught entirely in English.

4.     University of Minnesota – Carlson School of Management

More and more information is being gathered from social networks to mobile devices to purchases. MSBA students learn to collect, process, and analyze data in a data-driven environment to answer important questions and solve business problems.

If you’re an Indian or international student who wants to work in India, Simplilearn has a few courses for you.

Along with the Carlson School of Management and IBM, Simplilearn online learning platform offers a PG in Business Analytics. This Business Analytics certification course combines IBM’s expertise with videos you can watch at your own pace, live seminars, projects, and hands-on practice.

5.     The University of Texas

Its MSBA degree is ranked fifth, and it got the best score in the top 10. McCombs gives students help from Walmart and Deloitte Consulting, a STEM certification, chances to make connections, and help to find jobs.

6.     Imperial College Business School

Imperial College Business School is ranked sixth worldwide for a master’s degree in business analytics, with the highest employability and thought leadership scores. 94% of MSc Business Analytics students are from outside the UK, representing 32 nationalities. Imperial has established an online version of the program, which matches the full-time curriculum.

7.     ESADE – MSc in Business Analytics

It has a nearly perfect indicator for how well its graduates do after graduation. Students can connect with Amazon, Microsoft, Santander, and Telefónica. They can also learn programming languages and complete a 3-to-6-month internship to boost their employability.

8.     Alliance Manchester Business School

Alliance Manchester Business School was founded in 1956. Its MSc Commercial Analytics degree teaches students the skills and knowledge needed to deal with problems in business, government, and industry. It gives students a wide range of optional modules. Alliance Manchester students graduate with analytical skills and knowledge appropriate for many careers.

9.     Warwick Business School

It scored well for thought leadership and diversity. MSc Business Analytics degree contains a SAS Text Analytics module for data mining. Students will also complete a consulting and research project on business decision-making.

10. University of Edinburgh Business School

The MSc in Business Analytics at EBS is ranked 10th. 95% of students are from 72 nationalities outside the UK. MSc in Business Analytics requires one academic year to finish and begins with required courses in the first semester and other topics. Students can work with business professionals through group consulting projects, dissertations, guest lecturers, and industry exploratory tours.

Think smart!

The analytics business in the world is booming, and Master in Business Analytics graduates are in high demand. Selecting the right university can take time and effort. It would help if you considered multiple things: rankings, visa regulations, industrial ties, and expenses.

Are you ready to join the analytics field? Choose the best MS in Business Analytics program for challenging academics and job placement in one year.


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