Tips for the perfect casual summer outfit

It seems as though summer has finally decided to appear at last, so if you haven’t already sourced your summer wardrobe, now might be the time. With temperatures rising and the sun coming out from behind the clouds, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore your casual summer style again for 2019.

Despite the promising weather forecast, British summers can be very unpredictable, which makes finding your ultimate summer outfit a tricky one. With that in mind, we’ve got some top tips for the ultimate men’s summer fashion.

Layering is key

Yes, the forecast might look great for the day ahead, but what if it suddenly changes halfway through? No one wants to get caught short in a downpour wearing just a t-shirt. Any Brit will know that summer fashion should be created in layers, giving you optimal chance of being able to dress appropriately for the weather.

No matter the occasion, layering your outfit is the best way to avoid being too hot, too cold or too wet. To achieve a streetwear-inspired layered look, your outfit should begin with the ultimate t-shirt. Then, simply add a lightweight jacket, like a bomber jacket or parka.

Alternatively, a sweatshirt can serve the same purpose. Look for logo sweatshirts or designs with an interesting motif, so as not to take away from the overall look of your outfit when covering up your t-shirt.


Prints can enhance even the simplest of outfits, so if you can’t really be bothered to put the effort in, printed clothing can create the ultimate casual outfit with minimal fuss. Check prints are a classic choice, but give them a seasonal update by opting for a cut-off shirt instead of the traditional style.

Printed t-shirts are the easiest way to adopt this style. Opt for seasonal prints like stripes for an instant effortless style; think wide, vertical stripes with a contrasting neckline for an eye-catching outfit.

For something a little smarter without going too far, the resort shirt is a timeless piece of clothing every time summer comes around. Look for floral or tropical prints to add a real summer vibe to your look. The short sleeves and relaxed collar keep the style casual but still acceptable to wear to whatever social events you have in your calendar.

Distressed denim

Denim works all year round, so don’t get rid of your jeans for summer just yet. For the warm weather, consider distressed denim that adds a little more breathing room. Distressed patches and rips can give your outfit a summer update; just remember to choose a vintage blue wash instead of black, or you may struggle in the sun!

Similarly, you can apply the same style to a pair of denim shorts. Look for fitted styles with distressed detail for casual look whether you’re heading to a family BBQ or drinks with your mates.

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