Tips for Lightroom

Lightroom program is used for photo editing by both professionals and people who don’t know that much about photography. There are so many different options in this program that works for anyone who wants beautiful images.

Let’s discuss how Lightroom works and how you can take your images to the next level, make them stand out from the saturated Instagram feed, avoid the most common mistakes, and find out why people love presets so much.

What is Lightroom and How Does It Work?
Lightroom is a photo editing program that allows you to transform your everyday images into professional ones. When starting out, you can simply download a mobile version. The mobile app is a free option. So in the beginning, it’s great because you can test it out. Lightroom is used by professional photographers because there are so many different settings that you can adjust to your photos. For example, their clarity, sharpness, noise, overall color temperature, individual colors, whites, blacks, shadows, mid-tones, saturation, and so many others.

Why Do Instagram Influencers Buy from
Instagram focuses on visual content first. Your captions matter but only if your photos capture people’s attention. Planning all of your photoshoots and making sure that all of your outfits and locations match with the previous ones limit you. That means that you will make less content. In social media, that’s never a good sign. You need to make it easier for you to create content and not the other way around.

That’s why many people choose Lightroom editing for their Instagram feeds. It’s easy, quick, and allows you to create similar style images effortlessly. Of course, your photos will look even better if you select matching outfits and backgrounds with the rest of your feed.

How to Make the Most Out of Lightroom?
Take quality images. Learn about the lighting, composition, and other photography tips. In other words, help your Lightroom presets do their job. For example, you could take pictures in natural lighting. With well-lit images, Lightroom presets will be able to work their magic. In other words, look for soft light. You can easily find it outside on a cloudy day or in a shade.

What you don’t want is photos that are too light. Make sure that you don’t take photos in direct sun. When a photo is burned out and too white, the presets won’t be able to recover the details.

How to Make Your Photos POP with Lightroom?
All the presets are designed in such a way that would make your photos POP. That’s why people buy from However, there are some current presets trends that can really help you stand out.

Most people have minimal style feeds because they are the easiest to manage. Also, they look great. However, if you want to look different, you want to check out Sweet Pink, Nude, and Summer Breeze Lightroom presets to see how they can add a nice pastel tone to the overall image. It’s a small change that adds a nice touch to your images. This style is definitely on the rise right now.

Can I Tweak Lightroom Presets?
You can customize each and every setting in Lightroom settings. From exposure to individual colors. Once the preset is applied you can see which exact settings have been tweaked and make your own changes.

One of the changes that we see quite commonly edited is increased whites. It’s an easy way to add a little bit of your own style to the preset without making too many changes.

Another thing you could do is to adjust a specific color. For example, you could desaturate the yellow color almost completely or adjust the aqua color slider. Just keep in mind that if you do it to one photo, then you have to keep on making that change to all of your images to keep your feed consistent.

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