Things You Should Know About An EPC And Why You Need One 

Just like Gas Safety Certificates, an EPC is a legal requirement for all landlords and homeowners in the UK. It is an important document you should have if you plan on selling your house or renting it out.

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What is an EPC?

EPC is the short form for Energy Performance Certificate. An EPC report is a document that tells you how energy efficient or inefficient your property is. An EPC report shows you useful information concerning your property’s energy use and energy costs. It also points out the faults that make your property less efficient and provide remedial suggestions to reduce your energy usage and increase your energy efficiency.


How do you get an EPC report?

If you need an EPC report for your property, the first step is finding a qualified and competent EPC assessor that will carry out the electrical safety checks on your property. The EPC assessor will record his findings on the EPC report.  During the safety checks, the EPC assessor will check all electrical appliances, systems, and installations. He will then determine which appliances are electrically safe and which ones should be repaired, replaced, or discarded. 

The EPC assessor uses a rating of A to G to rate all electrical appliances. Appliances that are energy efficient are given a rating of A and the less efficient ones are given lower ratings.


Do you need an Energy Performance Certificate?

The simple answer is yes. You might be wondering why you should get an EPC report. Well, for starters the law requires that you get one for your property. You could face penal measures if you do not adhere. Also, an EPC report shows prospective buyers or tenants that your property is safe to live in. No one will want to buy or rent a house that is not electrically safe.


You should know that not all properties are required by law to have an energy performance certificate. There are a few exceptions such as a rented room in a house, some types of listed buildings, and properties that cannot be modified to be energy efficient.


How much does the report cost?

There is no fixed price for an EPC report. To get an EPC report you will have to hire a qualified energy assessor to carry out safety checks before issuing the report. The energy assessor will charge you based on the number of appliances he checked and how large the property is. However, you should be ready to pay anywhere between £35 and £100.

If you’re buying or renting a house, you do not have to pay for an EPC report. It will be given to you once you’ve completed payment for the property.


What is included in the report?

The report will look like a sticker with varied colours. What you should expect to find on the report include a rating of your property’s energy efficiency and even the energy cost of the property.

As we’ve mentioned earlier your electrical systems will be graded on a scale of A to G with A meaning that the electrical appliance is energy efficient and G meaning that the appliance is less efficient.

All properties are required to have a minimum rating of E. Landlords who don’t comply with this minimum requirement can face penal measures of up to £4000.

Ultimately, the report will serve as a guide for your benefit. It helps you know how energy efficient your property is and gives suggestions on how to reduce energy costs and increase energy efficiency.


Who should conduct the EPC checks?

Getting an EPC report is a very important and sensitive aspect of housing. Not anyone can carry out the EPC checks. Only an accredited and competent energy assessor should carry out the EPC checks in your home and consequently issue you the EPC certificate. An estate agent can also give help with the whole process of finding an energy assessor and report issuance.


3 easy ways to improve your EPC rating.


Improving your EPC rating has a lot of advantages. Such as reducing your energy bills and making your home warmer and more comfortable. We’ve highlighted 3 easy ways to improve your EPC rating.


  1.       Loft insulation: this is a proven way of improving EPC ratings. It’s easy to set up, cost-effective, and can make all the difference. Make sure to install a loft insulation of at least 270mm thick.


  1.       Replacing your boiler: you can improve your EPC rating and cut energy bills by getting an energy-efficient boiler.


  1.       Double glazing: when you upgrade your doors and windows, it helps in improving EPC rating and can also help to reduce noise in the home.


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