Things to Do Stuck at Home in Sheffield

If you’re stuck at home in Sheffield due to restrictions on travel, there’s still a lot you can do if you’re bored and looking to pass the time.

Create Sheffield

Create Sheffield is a fantastic resource directed at young people. It’s completely free and is home to a series of fun and creative resources for young people and families to do. Spearheaded by cultural organizations across Sheffield it gives residents a series of activities to do if you’re supposed to stay home and keep travel to a minimum. It comes with a social element too, with hashtags and more that ensure that you might feel isolated, but not alone. As you might have guessed, it’s all about fostering the creativity that Sheffield has such a rich history inspiring; Ian Naylor, Create Sheffield Chair said about this initiative:

“The cultural education partnership is here to foster a movement, where every child in the city, no matter the community they live in, can explore, share and revel in the creativity that both defines them, and defines our amazing city.”

For Kids – 50 Things to Do Before You’re 5

If you have young kids in the house, one of Create Sheffield’s partner’s might have something that can help you to entertain the kids while opening up some time for you to pursue your hobbies. 50 Things to Do Before You’re 5 is a completely free app that gives creative activities based on real research into how children learn best. It’s supposed to act as an alternative to museums and activities around the city.


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Living Room Concerts & Galleries

If you’re missing your regular injection of culture, there are ways you can satisfy your needs. Living room concerts are a great way for you to enjoy the majesty of a concert from the comfort of your sofa.

Google has also paired up with over 2000 galleries across the globe to give you an at-home viewing experience of some of the world’s best paintings.

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