Things to Consider when Outfitting Your Home with a Shower Cubicle

A brand new shower is an excellent finishing touch to a newly renovated bathroom design adding a little bit of luxury to your space. It will spruce up your bathroom and further enhance its relaxing vibe. Shower enclosures come in many shapes and sizes, so you won’t have to worry if there’s one that can suit your bathroom and taste.

But where do you begin the selection process? If you’re looking for the perfect glass enclosure for your home, here are things that you must consider.

Identify your budget

When upgrading, the budget should be your number one consideration. As shower cubicles UK come in a wide range of styles, setting a budget will help narrow your selection based on how much you can afford. Apart from the actual price of the shower cubicle, you must factor in additional costs such as installation. The labour cost will vary based on several factors, including the complexity of the installation process, your location, and additional items that contractors may need to ensure fast and efficient installation. Shower enclosures with many features or made from specific materials are more expensive than shower cubicles with standard features.


Determine the available space in your bathroom

Determine how much space your bathroom has for a new shower enclosure. The amount of available space will dictate the type of shower cubicle you’ll end up installing in your bathroom. When space is at a premium, choose a model that will not make your bathroom feel smaller or interfere with other bathroom-related activities.


Choose a style that fits your needs and taste

Shower enclosures come in different styles, from minimalist, vintage to contemporary. There is no reason you shouldn’t pick a style that complements the existing design or colour scheme of your bathroom.


Consider the shower glass type

Besides shower shape and style, you must also decide the type of shower glass that will function as the enclosure itself. While glass enclosures come in different colours and designs, it is crucial to remember that you must choose a glass with safety glazing. It is best to choose tempered glass as this type shatters in pellets rather than shards which can cause serious injury in case of an accident. Laminate glass is yet another safety glazing option but is less common in shower enclosures.


Select the right shower door hardware

To create a cohesive look, select shower door hardware that is aesthetically pleasing, durable, and functional. Look at the existing hardware in your bathroom, such as the cabinet handles, faucet finishes, and towel bars. Ideally, choose a shower door that is similar in design to the hardware that you currently have installed. Make sure all components match well and will function the way they should.



A shower cubicle for your bathroom should be purchased after considering factors such as functionality, optimisation of existing resources without compromising aesthetics, and your personal style. Choosing the suitable shower enclosure is one of the simplest yet most impactful upgrades that can do wonders to your bathroom.




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