The Washy’s 10 commandments

When it comes to worshipping at the city’s finest late-night music boozer, there are just a few small rules to follow…

Thou shalt always be open-minded and respectful
The Washy prides itself on being a broad church. Dickheads aside, everyone’s welcome to come down, express who they are and enjoy themselves without fear of judgement. It can be a tough ol’ world out there – love one another.

Thou shalt support local music
Seasoned Washy-goers should endeavour to supporting the Sheff music scene, as you can guarantee cracking gigs showcasing the very best of what this city has to offer on a monthly basis. Get involved.

Thou shalt not repeatedly ask the DJ to play ‘Africa’ by Toto on a Friday night.
We like a nice mix of stuff in ‘ere. And you’ll probably be ignored anyway.

Beware of false idols
If you’re going to drink somewhere else in Sheffield, make it an independent venue. We’re proud to offer an alternative to the sterile, soulless, run-of-the-mill chain bars sucking character from city centres throughout the country. You’ll never discover your next favourite band at a Wetherspoons, will yer?

Thou shalt not get stingy when it’s your round
We’re all a bit skint these days, granted, but if you’re switching onto the cheap stuff when others have been buying the premium lagers all night, let’s be reyt: you need to have to a word with yourself.

Keep the Sabbath Day holy
We’re closed on Sundays. Rest, recuperate and make sure you’re on top form for your next visit.

Honour thy mother and father
We’re open until 3am on weekends and actively encourage late-night revelry – but pace yourselves, yeah? You know it make sense.

Thou shalt study hard for the monthly quiz
Assemble a good enough team of pals and you could bag a £40 bar tab plus themed prizes. Taking place the second Tuesday of every month, first up is a Rick and Morty special on 9 October.

Thou shalt visit us during Happy Hour and save dosh
Mon-Fri until 9pm: £2.50 house lager, £2.50 house ale, double up for free on house spirits, £10 for a bottle of wine and three selected shots for £5.

Thou shalt not bore fellow punters in the smoking area with tales of how good your band is
Yep, the new EP sounds swell. Gonna head inside for a boogie at any point?

For this month’s events at the Washy, head over to the website.

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