The Ultimate Guide: How To Host The Perfect Office Christmas Party

Maybe your boss and coworker picked you to be the organizer due to your stellar event-organizing skills, or maybe you volunteer to do it. Whatever the case is, what’s important is that you now have a difficult task ahead of you. You should be the person behind your office Christmas party! 

It definitely will be challenging and nerve-wracking. Because the party won’t only be attended by your coworkers, but also the boss and their bosses too. Thus ensuring that everything is smooth sailing is definitely very important! 

But don’t worry, because we’re here to guide you in every step along the way. We’ve already prepared a guide that will lead you through the entire process and help you figure out all the crucial things you should manage. Guarantee you will impress not only your coworkers but also the higher-ups who attend.

Plan everything early

The first thing that you should figure out is definitely the location of the party. Moreover, when it comes to Christmas party locations, it will be harder to find the right venue. You may find the perfect venue, but the schedule wont be available. Or a less attractive one that is available to use. 

But keep in mind that a Christmas party does not necessarily mean you have to do it at a special venue. If you think your office has the appropriate space, you can also instead do it in the office. Doing the Christmas party at the office will make it easier for you to plan it, as well as ensure that everyone won’t have to worry about how to commute to the venue on D-day.

Budget appropriately

Find the estimated cost of the following:

  • Venue
  • Food & beverage
  • Decorations
  • Entertainment

An appropriate budget will be the most crucial component you need to host a successful Christmas party. Determining your budget is the first information you should have in hand, before considering the other party aspect. Thus make sure to obtain all pertinent financial information beforehand. A more thorough budget for the party’s expenses can be made once you know how much money has been set aside for the occasion.

Choose a date

A Christmas party should definitely be hosted at least in December. You can do a poll with multiple alternative dates and ask your team member to choose. Or if you think it is a lot of hassle, you can make the choice on your own based on the company schedule. But remember that it is always best to do the Christmas party on Friday to ensure everyone can celebrate without the worry of having to work the next day. 

After figuring out the date, it is crucial to send out invitations in advance to guarantee responses from the team. Additionally, add the date on your company’s calendar and ensure that all get the reminder for the event date. You should also request RSVP confirmation from everyone afterward.

Figure out the Christmas party theme

Although it’s not strictly necessary, this step might make your office Christmas celebration merrier! Give your Christmas party a perfect theme that can go accordingly with the event. Afterward, you can make a list of all the decorations you’ll need. Perfect decorations will help to make the theme come to life and your party more très chic! But if you don’t want to do a theme, that’s okay. You can never go wrong with a tastefully decorated Christmas with the traditional color scheme of red, green, and gold.

The party entertainment 

What a party without perfect music? A boring one! Thus, it would be a wise move to start with some background music and subsequently switch to a deejay or a band as the night wears on! Christmas celebration is the perfect time to swing all our worries and embrace the fun and excitement of the holiday season. Dancing along with your coworker is a way to make the night more fun!

To capture the memories of the party celebration, think about hiring a professional photographer. If you don’t have enough budget, you can ask a friend or coworker who enjoys photography to fill in. You should also consider setting up a photo booth during the event for all the team members to take funny pictures.

Choose the caterer & drink options

Once you have the location and the time, you must consider the menu and beverages. If you decide to do the party at a different venue, they usually will also provide in-house catering. But if you do it in the office, you should look for high-quality catering that can provide the food. Whichever options you choose, you should not forget to purchase bulk spring water to be put around in the venue, to ensure that all guests can easily get their drink whenever they feel thirsty or a bit light-headed due to the constant wine consumption! 

When sending out an RSVP don’t forget to ask your coworkers to specify whether they have an allergy to certain food. Having this information will enable you to properly plan the menu. If a person has a strong allergy to a certain meal, you might want to think about removing it completely from the menu selection.

Now you are done. With this thorough guide, you will be able to manage a successful Christmas party that everyone will love. Don’t forget to also enjoy the party on D-day, because you deserve it!

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