The Biggest Casinos in the UK

It is not uncommon these days to see the best UK online casino affiliated with the largest brick-and-mortar casino, one of the few ways to survive the massive disruption in the industry. Younger gamers who spend over half their days on their mobile gadgets – smartphones and tablets – have taken over gambling, and so this move is the only wise way to capture and retain a reasonable market share. Use or casinomartini. Plus, you can pick some crypto gambling platforms on

Here’s a list of some of the biggest names in gambling in the UK.

Location Casino
Stratford City Aspers
Cardiff Les Croupiers
Park Lane Club Park Lane
Birmingham Genting International
Sheffield Genting Club
London Hippodrome
Edinburgh Genting Casino Fountain
Birmingham Rainbow


Aspers Casino, Stratford

Aspers in Stratford City is known for many games, but it is poker that has the strongest following, majorly due to a monthly poker tournament that brings people here. The casino’s location in the largest shopping mall in Europe also works in its favor too.

Les Croupiers Casino, Cardiff

Les Croupiers in Capital Retail Shopping Park is Wales’ oldest casino, and so the brand has a loyal following that passes on the legacy to other generations. Its space that effortlessly accommodates 200 people also has all the traditional table games and slot machines for variety, while a nearby Chinese restaurant feeds gamers.

Park Lane Casino

This casino is not located in the exclusive Park Lane Club for nothing; a £1,000 membership is not for everyone. Members get to choose between outdoor areas and private gaming rooms, and they also get exclusive dining services from Jewel of Mayfair that serves worldwide cuisines.

Genting International Casino

Genting, previously the Resorts World Birmingham, is one of the largest gambling resorts in Europe with gaming space able to accommodate 2,000 people. It not only offers players some of the most popular traditional game tables and latest slots but also has top restaurants and bars to boot.

Genting Club, Sheffield

Even though Genting Club, Sheffield, has other table games, it is the 10 American roulette tables that keep most gamers coming back. Slot machines and video slots are also in their numbers here, and so most nights will find locals and tourists here being entertained and mingling.

Genting Casino Fountain Park

Edinburg residents can count on this Dundee Street casino to be their main source of entertainment, with most looking forward to its poker tournaments that carry reasonable prices. With our baccarat tables, 6 roulette tables, and 5 blackjack tables, table game fans are fully catered to as are slot lovers.

Hippodrome Casino London

Located in Cranbourn Street, the Hippodrome Casino features over 20 game tables and several slot machines throughout its three floors. Live entertainment adds flavor to this house’s popularity, pulling revelers from all over London for and unforgettable nightlife. The Heliot, a much-loved hotel in West End, is the go-to eatery for gamers at the casino.

Rainbow Casino

If you prefer smaller, cozier joints when you are in Birmingham, then the Rainbow Casino is the best choice. While it is not the size of the Resorts World Birmingham, it contains several slot machines and tables for Baccarat and other table games.  The ambiance is youthful, and novices even get lessons to get them started, then head on to the Clarendon Restaurant for a bite.


Game variety matters a lot to younger players, and so mobile phone pokies and other slots are improved every day to keep Generation Z happy and challenged. Some of the biggest names in the UK gambling industry know that only too well and are working towards remaining relevant across all age groups.

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