The Biggest Casino Wins of All Time

A casino’s allure is unmistakable.

There is so much to be excited about when you enter the doors and hear the sound of the slot machines, and all of the voices and energy around the tables. While you might feel inspired as you walk in the door, or log in online to play darmowe spiny, it’s always helpful to get some tips on how to win.

In this post, we will explore some of the biggest casino wins of all time to help inspire you on your gaming journey. As you can imagine, many of these wins took place along the famous gambling strip in Las Vegas, but some also occurred in cities like London, and European casino hotspots like Monte Carlo.

The Top 5 Biggest Casino Wins of All Time

1. MGM Grand, Las Vegas: $20- $40 million

One night, famous Australian billionaire Kerry Packer decided to try his hand at some blackjack and baccarat just for fun, and to find out what these games were like. Well, as the story goes, he won between $20 and $40 million. In fact, he won so much during the evening that the exact figure is unknown! 

Packer reportedly became very generous on this occasion after becoming the biggest winner, as he gave large tips to the staff on duty that evening. However, it is said that packer also went on to lose millions of dollars at another casino later on in his gambling career. 


Gambling fans who frequently visit the lowest wagering requirements casino platforms, know that with the right planning and strategy, the possibility of winning rises. However, even the most enthusiastic among those players don’t expect to win huge prizes over the course of three months. Unless they are Don Johnson.

Heading out to the most famous gambling strip on the East Coast, Don Johnson won about $15 million at three Atlantic City casinos over the course of a few months. In fact, he was so good at winning that he earned the nickname “The Killer of Atlantic City”, as due to his winning streak, he was obviously not that popular with casino management.

Some claim that Johnson was using dubious means to win but he denies it. His tips for winning include the fact that you should always have a thorough understanding of strategy, especially when it comes to blackjack, and that you should adopt an easy-going attitude when it comes to winning and losing.

3. Mountaineer Casino Racetrack and Resort, Chester, WV: $3.7 million

West Virginia might not be the most talked about gambling spot, but it’s well known for hosting another one of the biggest wins in casino history. 

In 2006, retired teacher Beverly Whitten decided to play a slot machine called Golden Chambers for two hours and ended up winning the jackpot of $3.7 million.

She was reportedly so overwhelmed by the sum of money that she asked the casino to pay her out the money in monthly instalments of $1,945.

4. Fifty Casino, London: $1.6 million

London might not have the most widespread gambling reputation, but as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, and with a robust economy, it isn’t surprising that one of the biggest casino wins took place there in 2008.

The win was made by Mike Ashley, the billionaire owner of the Newcastle Football Club. One night at a casino called Fifty, he decided to just spend a quick 15 minutes playing roulette, and ended up taking home $1.6 million!

Interestingly, Ashley was very specific about his bet, and made it very well known at the time that he was going to bet on the number 17, and only that number. Given the odds of winning so much on a single number bet, it’s clear that luck was on his side. 

5. Monte Carlo, Monaco: 1 Million Francs

Along the well known Monte Carlo strip, which is a hub of casino activity in Europe, a man called Charles Wells is well known for “breaking the bank”.

After reportedly playing roulette for many years, he took out a loan from the bank in 1891, and went on to play eleven hours of roulette, breaking the bank not only once, but 12 times!

In fact, he was on such a winning streak that the casino did not have enough chips to continue with the game, and he ended up taking home 1 million francs. 

Final thoughts on the biggest casino wins of all time

As you can see from the article above, it is possible to win big, no matter what casino you play at. In fact, it is very interesting to hear the stories, and it shows how luck can be on someone’s side, even when they least expect it. 

If you want to try your own luck, there are loads of casinos available online where you can sign up and play. Most of these sites will give you a casino bonus if you make a first deposit which you can use to play the slots and games to try and win. You can browse and select a first deposit bonus casino to get started.

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