The Best VR Games You’ll Want to Have

It seemed like the wait for Virtual Realty to actual become a household name was strung out for decades. It was always “the next big thing” or “out next year”. Well, the wait is finally over and there are some killer games on the horizon for all you VR fans.

Not to say that the finished product is done and dusted. Developers have still got a good bit of polishing to do before the masses are content with prices for hardware still above where they should be. And if you need some extra coin to help get there, you can find several real money casinos here that just may help you finance those costly games.

But in the meantime, 2021’s best VR games are ready for a test drive, and we’re ready to break down which ones are the hits from the misses. Here’s our picks for the best, you can forget the rest.

After the Fall

Can you ever really go wrong with a zombie apocalypse game or film? No. You. Can’t. After The Fall is set 20 years in the future of the apocalypse and wouldn’t you know it, you survived! Now you need to do what self respecting human would do, battle all those “Snowbreed” zombies that have taken over your ice-covered neighbourhood.

Vertigo Games promises a truly epic multi-player scenario where you get to team up with all the other heroes to kill many terrifying things. Who else is going to regain control of the human civilisation? The army? The Government? No, you of course.

Trover Saves the Universe

From the horrors of After The Fall, this comedy from the creators of Rick & Morty is a real breath of fresh air for anyone that takes things a lot less serious. An awesome space adventure of crazy missions, comedic voices and a healthy dose of aliens, the perfect game to kick start your VR voyage.

By having you control a character from in a “cockpit” type scenario, in the real world you get to play seated in a nice comfy chair to help eliminate the motion sickness that newbies can feel with VR. If you like Rick & Morty’s kind of humour, you’ll get a kick out of this.

Beat Saber

The lovechild of Guitar Hero and Star Wars, Beat Saber has you slashing coloured blocks to the rhythm of the songs with two controllers. It’s fast and rhythmic and will have you swinging around the room like a crazy baboon, but it’s second to none for fitness. Containing many Guitar Hero-esque note highways, this game is awesome if this is the kind of thing that floats your boat.

Star Wars: Squadrons

Speaking of Darth, have you always wanted to fly around blasting the baddy’s in an X-Wing? Set in the original trilogy timeline, Squadrons can have you either flying as Han Solo or as part of the fleet in epic multi-player factions. Choose the dark side or the light, customs your ride and mix it up with some cool dog-fight style missions.

Sniper Elite

This game spearheaded the sniper genre back in its initial release and the VR version just gets better. Obviously, the x-ray kill slo-mo is still there to help you feel like right in the action, and you’re still trying to rid Sicily of all those pesky Nazis. It’s single player and story-driven, with an outstanding backdrop of scenery. Authentic WW2 weapons whether you prefer to seek out the crow’s nest or go full fury with a machine gun. Free-roam, with secondary and primary missions easily following a simple map.

Hitman 3

Agent 47 is back in the third installment and adding VR to an already awesome game is truly mind-blowing. If you love being a stealthy assassin, and choosing many different ways to end human lives, this is it. PS4 will freely upgrade to PS5 too, which is great so what are you waiting for, there’s people to kill.

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