The Best Spots For Game Fans In Sheffield

Sheffield is a prime location for anyone who loves games. With a huge variety of different types of locations offering gaming experiences, gamers have truly come to the right place. From experiences that are out of this world through virtual reality to e-sports and PC gaming centres to traditional and classic game offers – Sheffield has it all. Find the top locations to take your passion for games to the next level.

Extraordinary experiences in virtual reality

Virtual Reality lets users step into the third dimension and dive into otherworldly experiences with all their senses. If you’re in Sheffield and want to exchange this world with a completely new one, the Funstation at Meadowhall shopping centre should be your first destination. The game zone next to the food court features a high-tech Hologate VR Arena, allowing guests to take it out on the virtual battlefield. Fight robots and zombies, find your way out of a virtual escape room, or beat your friends in virtual snowball fights.

An even bigger VR experience awaits just an hour outside of Sheffield in Nottingham at the Meet Space VR. Players can jump into all kinds of VR experiences in a large 300 sqm arena and compete or co-operate with up to 8 people. Without the use of any cables, you can walk around freely and fully immerse yourself in the VR experience. Find your way out of a pyramid, experience a fantasy world with no gravity, shoot zombies, dive into the universe of the popular video game Far Cry and show everyone you have what it takes to survive in the virtual realm.

Nostalgia and tradition with classic games

Even in our digitalised world, games don’t need to be high-tech to be fun. The best proof of that is Sheffield’s The Treehouse board game café. With a massive library of more than 750 board games, this is the place to enjoy game nostalgia with like-minded people: from Dungeons & Dragons to Risk to Monopoly: Sheffield Edition, and everything in between.

Classic games at their finest also await at the Napoleons Casino & Restaurant in Sheffield. Boasting the first outdoor gaming terrace outside of London, the casino offers a modern gaming experience with a variety of games. Guests will find all the classic games ranging from roulette, blackjack, and poker to slots. Terminals such as TouchBet roulette and state-of-the-art slot machines combine tradition and innovation and bring the classic casino games into the 21st century. This is a trend that’s becoming more and more evident with lots of casinos offering their traditional games on the internet. Many online casinos are now available online, offering a wide variety of casino games. To help users find the best one to play on, experts analyse and review the best platforms offering free spins bonuses that allow users to play slots without paying to try out the casino. Through such online platforms and with the availability of modern slot machines at casinos such as the Napoleons Casino & Restaurant in Sheffield, the classic games have made it into our digitalised age.

Next-level gaming at e-sports centres

No matter if you simply love video games or if you’re a professional e-sports player: Sheffield has a selection of gaming lounges and e-sports centres to jump into the gaming action and connect with the gamer community. One go-to spot is Sheffield’s first e-sports bar Meltdown on Snig Hill. It’s a place where gamers come together to have drinks, play games and connect. With community tournaments and many social events for gamers, it’s the perfect hangout for anyone who loves video games.

E-sports players and PC game lovers unite at the Lava Gaming Centre on Rockingham Street. Equipped with high-spec computers, state-of-the-art monitors and ultra-fast internet, both professional and hobby PC gamers can come to play. You can come alone, bring your friends to play online, or have a LAN on the local network and play some of today’s most popular computer games. Large community events and the biggest e-sports tournament in the region bring the video game fever to Sheffield.

For anyone who loves games, Sheffield is the place to be. From classics such as board games to fully immersive experiences in virtual reality, any type of game is ready to be played. And thanks to big e-sports centres, video game lovers and professional players come together to play and connect in Sheffield.

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