The best music promotion services and platforms: Where and how to promote

The internet has paved a world full of possibilities for music artists. Technologies such as social media, streaming platforms, and File Sharing are allowing artists to share their work across several platforms and increase their fan base.

It doesn’t take a lot for you to become famous. No worldwide tour needed; simply sit in front of a microphone and create something that will excite your listeners. Now, creating music is different, and getting listeners is another ball game.

The downside to using the internet is that there are probably millions of musicians doing the same thing you’re doing. So, how do you ensure your track gets heard and doesn’t get passed over for one of the other thousands of new tracks released each day.

How do you get people to listen or position your track in front of people that matter?

Fortunately, there are several music promotion services online these days. Besides, you don’t have to use paid promotion if you’re starting small. Here, we will show you where and how to promote your music as well as the best promotion services to use.

Where to promote your music

Create a website on Wixmusic

Wix is popular among e-commerce owners; hence few musicians are unaware of the promotional advantage of using this service. Wix encompasses a lot of marketing solutions that makes it easier to reach your audience. On Wix music, you get to share your music across as much as 100 music channels at no cost.

Wix also comes with integration that allows you to promote your shows and sell your tickets directly from their website.

Use Social Media to get free leads

Marketing yourself on social media isn’t as hard as you think. Before jumping into the game, it helps to come up with a good strategy and a personalized marketing plan. Once you have this, you can streamline your music to your audience with little effort.

Also, it pays to choose which social network you plan to use for your promotion. Most people go with Instagram due to the exposure it gives artists but can’t seem to figure out how to do so on twitter.

So if you’re to promote on social media, it’s natural to go for the one you’re most active. Also, ensure you’re consistent with your post on social media. We’re not asking you to post ten times a day, but it helps to post something valuable every single day.

Post on Music Blogs

Paid promotion isn’t the only medium for promoting your music. We agree that paid promotion will help you reach your ideal audience faster, but music blogs also help you build a strong relationship with your audience.

This means posting your track on a popular music blog will earn you some  listeners, reviews, and die-hard fans. If your music is genuine, you will get a few reposts and shares on their social media handle.

Music blogs get you free traffic. Hence, you should start by researching the most credible music blogs in your location. Also, when choosing a blog, ensure your genre aligns with that of the audience.

Mail to all your audience 

Follow-ups are extremely useful in converting cold leads to avid followers. Here, you don’t have to sound salesy, or like a marketer, you have to acquire contacts and send them promotional messages.

So how do you promote with emails?

Once you get your lists, you can send them emails to inform them about the upcoming tour, albums, or just-released track. You can also send them a link to your website if you have any of your Spotify accounts so they can access it.

Keep in mind that using emails, you have to offer free songs before you pitch them with any premium offer.

Promote with SoundCloud

SoundCloud serves as a medium for storing your track and pushing them to your audience on other platforms. You can easily create a playlist on SoundCloud and share them with your fans on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook in one push. However, SoundCloud has a lot of paid promotional tools.

You can also join genre-based groups and interact with a like-minded audience. So when you drop your track, it’s much easier to sell your track.

There are services designed to help you get more listeners, plays, and share. Also, SoundCloud allows you to engage with your audience. You get feedback and a few recommendations on how to improve your track. SoundCloud also offers you the possibility of selling your playlist at no cost.


There are a lot of promotional services out there which makes it increasingly difficult to choose one. Whatever tool you decide to use, it always helps to define your goal. Are you out to get listened to? Or

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