The best in luxury cars 2019

Looking to invest in a new luxury car? There are so many fantastic models on the market right now. There has been a major shift in recent years, ensuring luxury cars are now more affordable than ever before. You can also make huge savings buying a second-hand model.

If you’re ready to invest in a small luxury vehicle, below you’ll discover some of the best models to consider.

The Mercedes A-Class

You can’t have a best luxury car list without a Mercedes model included. The Mercedes A-Class is easily a competitor against the BMW 1 Series and the Audi A3. However, rather than focusing on a sporty driving experience, instead this model focuses on comfort and luxury.

It features a contemporary styled dashboard which is packed full of impressive tech. There’s also a spacious boot, along with a superior comfortable driving experience. It’s an especially great little luxury car for driving on the motorway.

The DS3

Produced by the PSA Group, the luxurious DS3 hatchback looks remarkably similar to the Citroen C3. It comes in a range of bold colour schemes, and there’s a great choice of personalisation options. This gives you the opportunity to design the vehicle exactly how you want it if you’re buying it brand new.

The models come with great efficient diesel engine options. Its interior is comfortable, and it provides a very smooth ride.

Mini Clubman Estate

If you’re looking for something unique, the Mini Clubman Estate. This stylish model boasts a lot of charm and comes in a huge choice of styling options. One of the best things about this model compared to other Mini’s, is that it actually features proper size rear doors. It boasts a deceptively spacious cabin and as the brand has been taken over by BMW, you can expect an impressive level of luxury in its design.

Not only is this car stylish and comfortable, but it also scores highly on the Euro NCAP crash tests. It comes with great safety kit such as auto emergency braking. You also have a choice of both diesel and petrol engines. While it’s not as fun to drive as previous models, it is much more luxurious in its design.

These are just three of the best small luxury cars you might want to consider. Each comes with its own unique design, though they all boast an exceptionally comfortable interior. Whichever model you’re interested in, it’s worth comparing different dealerships in order to find the best prices.

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