The Best Bodybuilding Supplements For Muscle Growth This Season

Bulking up to be the healthy and buff you that you’ve always wanted to be? Now’s the perfect time to do so! With program after program and stack after stack that have been tried and tested, here are the best bodybuilding supplements that will give you that mind-blowing muscle growth this season. 

Best Bodybuilding Supplements For Muscle Growth 

1. Protein Blockbusters

Whey protein and casein protein. The protein power duo that offers exactly that— power. Power through enhanced protein synthesis and above-average servings that include Branched-Chain Amino Acids (a.k.a. BCAAs). 

Let’s start with whey protein. A pre workout-must if you want to prepare your muscles for an intense workout and speedily increase in mass, whey protein increases blood flow due to its peptides. Thus, it’s able to bulk up your physique even quicker.

Even better, this supplement is easy to digest. This means that you’ll experience its effects not long after drinking it down. It’s recommended that you have your fill of this protein at least half an hour before you start your workout routine and a full hour after. 

For additional best practices, have about 20 to 40 grams of it the moment you get up from the bed. 

The second is casein protein. Unlike the first, casein isn’t quick-digesting. Still, this doesn’t change the fact that it’s a muscle builder that provides satisfying results when taken regularly. Don’t wait for your workout day to take casein protein. Alternately, have it before hitting the hay. In this manner, your muscles will be ready for heavy weightlifting when the morning comes.

2. 3-Amino Acid Creatine 

That’s what creatine is made of. Three types of amino acids that work together to form a highly potent muscle-builder that significantly increases muscle gain and improves muscle force. Arginine, methionine, and the third, glycine are exemplary in giving you the pounds you need to be converted into muscle mass. 

Since you want your performance to skyrocket, this is the supplement to beat. Your energy levels will spike, allowing you to complete more intense physical activities than before. And as your body adapts to this positive change, moving a notch higher in your workout level won’t be impossible anymore. 

3. Nitric Oxide Amplifiers 

NO2 is something that your body naturally produces. However, with nitric oxide amplifiers, the cycle of dilating blood vessels to make way for a balanced blood floor will be improved and stabilized, resulting to muscle pumping that’s backed with recovery and repair at the same time. 

Just as suggests, take these boosters at least an hour before you begin your training, and likewise, an hour after your cool-down program. Moreover, have them separately and without meals, for your body to absorb their full blast and retain their effects for much longer. 

4. Glutamine 

Fourth and last on this list is glutamine. This bodybuilding supplement is best known for its ability to repair muscles and lower the risk of muscle wear-and-tear or breakdown. With the many strenuous movements you subject your muscles to (via your workouts), the possibility of exhausting them can be concerning. 

Hence, relying on glutamine to reverse that outcome can be done through the consistent intake of it along with your first meal of the day, and your pre and post workout drinks.

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