The best 5 European city trips on a budget

Sometimes, you’ve just got to take a more exciting trip than going down the road to get fish ‘n’ chips and a pint of bitter. The world is full of wonders and cities with plenty of unique things to do.  Thankfully—a lot of them are affordable. We came across a list of the best European city breaks with Omio, ranked according to the amount of free attractions and events in each place.

We’ve been to the majority of these places and wanted to share our thoughts on why you should check them out; either for a little weekend break, part of a summer Eurail adventure, or an extended holiday without travelling too far.

Expect hills… lots of hills. Lisbon is not the flattest place on the planet, but with a sturdy pair of shoes and a lot of stamina, it’s a must-see destination. You’ll get hot weather, a view of the ocean, tons of gorgeous old buildings, a bridge that looks pretty much like the Golden Gate Bridge, and the really impressive Belém Tower. A lively nightlife paired with nicely tanned and friendly folk caps off a great city for all ages. Don’t forget a ride up the hills on those cool, vintage trams.

At this point, every man and his dog knows how beautiful Paris is for a holiday destination, but let’s go over it one more time just for kicks. Not just the place for romantic getaways, Paris is simply a treasure trove for curious travellers. You’ll already know about the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame cathedral, Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Élysées and the Louvre, but if you go off the beaten track and wander around the ancient streets, you’ll find many fantastic secluded gems just waiting to be seen.

Milan is an Italian city famed for its fashionable citizens, stunning architecture, and more coffee shops and pizza restaurants than you could shake a stick at. You’ve also got two world-famous football clubs in AC Milan and Inter Milan, the massive Parco Sempione, and the best drinking spot in town called the Colonne. This is a spot in the city where nearby bars will sell you drinks in plastic cups, and then you simply take them to this buzzing square and hang out with tourists and locals alike. There’s a great vibe and often live music and entertainment to boot.

The gothic and cobbled-stoned city of Prague has its fair share of stag and hen parties, but you can also avoid the very cheap beer and wild nightlife for a more relaxed, cultured trip if you so wish. There are plenty of galleries and museums to keep you occupied, and no visit to Prague can be done without a trip to the epic Charles Bridge (very atmospheric on a snowy morning). If you can make it to Petrin Hill, you’ll be rewarded with the best view of the city and loads of great spots for a chill picnic.

If it’s sun you want, it’s sun you’re going to get in Barcelona. Stunning at any time of year, Barcelona is still best experienced during summer or spring, where you can hit up the nearby beaches, revel in the dynamic bars and clubs, and even just take in all the hugely impressive Gaudi architecture scattered around the city. Locals love a relaxed way of living here, so don’t be an annoying drunk tourist and you’ll be just fine.

Prefer things on the frozen side of life? Then be sure to check out some of these cities for a winter getaway!

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