The 5 Best Slots Based on Video Games

You’re stuck at home. You need to have some fun but you want to level up from your favorite video games, maybe add a new facet to your electronic play. What if you could enjoy the themes of your favorite games, while wagering and winning money at some of the best online casinos?

Slots based on mega-popular video games give a casino-style edginess to one of our favorite pastimes.

Resident Evil

With all the hoopla around this movie franchise, it’s easy to forget that it started out as a popular video game. As in, wildly popular, with several iterations that increase in complexity of game play.

If you could handle the game and the movies, then you’ll likely be comfortable with the slots game, which creates the same threatening vibe you feel in the original game when you are seeking Team Bravo after their helicopter disappears in the forest.

The slot game uses weapons, character images and wilds to work for your win on three reels. The slots game will send you into Jake’s mission or Leon’s mission if the reels guide you there. It’s a game within a game, and your job is to collect the resources necessary to bolster your crew’s firepower. Oh, and win big.


The cloak-and-dagger mafia motif that saturates the video game, the graphic novel and the books is evident in the slots version of the game as well. The protagonist of the game is a contract killer who is also a clone. Naturally, complications arise.

In the slots version of this franchise you’ll play with guns, knives and garrotes as you attempt to collect 18 free spins from the 15-line display. A variety of bonuses are available to the player, including re-triggers.

The music will be familiar to you, deep and threatening, as if you’re listening to a “deep house” track. If you love the menacing feel of the video game and the movies it spawned, you should connect quickly with the Hitman slots experience.

Space Invaders

Total arcade classic, utterly 1980s, but still so beloved by gamers everywhere. No wonder this archaic shoot em’ style game was resurrected by slots engineers at Scientific Games.

The aliens and the canons are not quite as pixelated as they were in the original Atari game, but the feel of the original has definitely been maintained.

There are two different ways to play the game. There’s the “usual” slot machine play, with multiple lines, etc., but there’s also a bonus round. If you make it to the bonus round, you’ll have a chance to engage in some skills-based play, shooting at the aliens just like you did at the pizza parlor years ago.

It’s a unique format for a slots game, and it’s a testament to the ingenuity of the designers at Scientific Games.

Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs

If you love the game and the movies, and want more Lara Croft, high-intensity action, check out this slots game. Of course, the slots game is more symbols and less plot than the movies, but if there’s one game in which the player will appreciate the graphics, it’s Tomb Raider.

Fans of Indiana Jones, beautiful women and loose-play slots will all have a reason to give this game from Triple Edge Studios a play. Cartoon style graphics draw you into the story and into the game. Scarab symbols, Egyptian gods and crumbling burial chambers link two of my personal obsessions: Tomb Raider and Egyptology.

Call of Duty

Military maneuvers, guns, explosions and survival at all costs. What’s not to love? Fans of this game will appreciate the way the slot game recreates the gritty warfare action and close calls of the skills game. The soundtrack is, of course, death metal.

In addition to the game’s traditional reel spin slot play, you’ll occasionally get a soldier darting across the screen to toss a grenade. The explosion may alter the reels enough to award you potential bonus cash.

A Final Word

We all feel bereft when a favorite show comes to an end, or we’ve played our most-used video game so many times that it starts to feel stale. These slots games bring the themes we love to us, while allowing players to explore a different facet of online gaming.

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